CLEAN FREAKS : What do You Use to Blacken Your Fenders?

As much as I love my factory fenders, there is one thing that I absolutely hate about them and that’s how crappy they can look after getting some mud on them. The mud has a way of getting into the texture or the pores of the fenders and that leaves behind a stain that can be near impossible to remove even with a good power washer. While scrubbing at them with soapy water and a brush will get them looking clean again, it takes a crazy amount of work and it’ll only take one wheeling trip to ruin them again. Because of this, Cindy and I have resorted to using cleaning products to help us get our fenders looking clean and black again and with as little effort as possible. Over the years, we have used a host of different products and the following is a test that we just did using a small sampling of a few that we just happened to have in our cleaning cabinet. I hope the results of our test is useful to you and if there’s something you use and find to work well, we’d love to hear all about it.

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