A Close-Up Look at the Dynatrac PRO 1550 Steering Knuckle

The Dynatrac PRO 1550 steering knuckle is perhaps the single best option that they’ve made available for their awesome XD60 front axle. As you’ll see in this short video, the PRO 1550 is made right here in the U.S.A., out of military grade aluminum and while they are massive in size, they only weigh about 1.5 lbs. more than a factory knuckle and about 8 lbs. LESS than a PRO 60. Of course, in addition to being bigger, stronger and lighter than a PRO 60, they’re also specifically designed to significantly reduce scrub radius, run larger upper ball joints and accept a huge 1550 U-joint or Series 30 CV joint. We hope that you’ll enjoy our presentation and find it informative.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, I’ve made several updates to my REVERE THE STEER thread and contains tests that Cindy and I have done to show how just much less scrubbing Rubicat is seeing with our new XD60 front axle with PRO 1550 steering knuckles and how much of a tighter turning radius she has over Moby, who’s still running a ProRock 60 with PRO 60 knuckles. Click on this link to see the results now:


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