Category: Write-Ups

Write-Ups for maintenance and the installation of Jeep parts and accessories


3M Waterless Wash & Wax

About a week ago, 3M sent me a sample of a new Waterless Wash & Wax they will be releasing and asked if I’d give it a try. Of course, being that we drive...


Oil Change for Emma

There’s really nothing special about doing an oil change on any vehicle but being that I was doing one on Emma, our 1969 C101 Jeepster Commando, I figured I’d take a few shots and...


Keep the Fuel Flowing

A couple of days ago, I fired up Rusty, our 1972 Jeep J2000 pickup truck with a 360 V8 under the hood and started backing him out of the garage when all of a...


I’ve Got the Power!

For those of you who like to use your Jeep Renegade to do some camping or go on extended trips across the desert, having a fridge with you can make all the difference between...