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    by Published on 07-07-2014 02:17 AM
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    I know it's been over 2 weeks since we did this run and for that, I must apologize for not getting pics of it up sooner. As some of you know, Cindy and I literally got home, helped get everyones tops and doors back on, wished them a safe trip home, did some laundry, washed Moby, changed his oil, mowed the lawn, caught up on some bills and then headed out for another 2,500+ journey across multiple states. After we got back last week, we headed strait up to Tahoe again and have been doing what we can to wind down. Anyway, aside from dealing with some of the stupidness that's been going on the internet, this literally has been the first chance I've had to work on posting these up and I hope you enjoy them. Please note that due to the significant size of our group, I was only able to get shots of those immediately behind me and hope you can be understanding.

    Having said all that, here are shots from the 2014 WAYALIFE Rockin Rubicon Run
    by Published on 04-30-2014 02:21 AM
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    Over the weekend, Cindy and I headed back out to the Northern Nevada desert to continue our search of these historic Transcontinental Airway Beacons. However, unlike most of the ones you'd find out here that have concrete arrows pointing east to west, I recently discovered there were a handful that actually pointed west to east and these are what we were in search of. And, as luck would have it, we did in fact find four of them and for the most part, in amazing condition. Below are a few shots of what they look like today, I hope you enjoy.
    by Published on 04-29-2014 02:19 AM
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    A few weeks back, I had read in a local paper that there was a decent wildflower showing going on in parts of Death Valley and this in spite of the fact that California is suffering from one of the worst droughts in 15 years! Needless to say, this was something Cindy and I had to see and fortunately for us, it was something that our good friends Moochie, Doug, Joshua, Tony and Stephanie and Ray, his father and brother would all get to see with us as well.

    After meeting up with everyone in Big Pine, we headed out bright and early out to the Eureka Sand Dunes where there had been reports of Dune Primrose were in full bloom along with Apricot Mallows, Desert dandelions and an assortment of other flowers as well. From there, we made our way through Steel Pass, traversed the Saline Valley, worked our way up to the Lippencott Mine, set up camp and then spent some time exploring the Race Track playa. The following morning, we made a stop over at Tea Kettle Junction, climbed to the top of Hunter Mountain, left the park through Lee Flat and then made a final stop over at China Springs before heading home. Below are some of the photos we took along the way and I hope you'll enjoy them.
    by Published on 04-23-2014 05:47 PM
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    In a remote corner of the Northern Nevada Desert and high up on a mountain ridge, there lies a cabin built underneath an enormous rock and for those who know about it, it is known to them as Bass Camp. While there are a lot of stories regarding this amazing destination including one suggesting it was some kind of moonshine shack, the most credible information I could dig up indicates that the cabin was in fact built back in the early 1900's by an Albert Andrew Bass and his wife Anna. The two were miners who moved into the area prospecting for gold and silver and worked the surrounding claims for about 20 years until she died in 1930 and he following her in 1934. About a year after the end of World War II, a miner by the name of ...
    by Published on 04-06-2014 06:17 PM

    Crossing four states in just seven days and covering almost 1,000 miles of America's wild west, the 2013 Off Road Evolution JK-Experience presented by Nitto Tire was by far one of the most demanding adventures to date. In Part 2 of WILD WILD WEST, you'll get to follow our continuing journey across Arizona, Nevada and California. Along the way, we got to see amazing historic sites, blast through hundreds of miles of wide open desert and test out our Jeep JK Wranglers on trails such as Logandale and the famous Rubicon Trail. We hope you'll enjoy our presentation.

    More than just a Jeep, it's a WAYALIFE!
    by Published on 03-01-2014 06:15 PM

    Crossing four states in just seven days and covering almost 1,000 miles of America's wild west, the 2013 Off Road Evolution JK-Experience presented by Nitto Tire was by far one of the most demanding adventures to date. In Part 1 of WILD WILD WEST, you'll get to see all the fun we had playing out in the Sand Hollows OHV Area, our trek across the Honeymoon Trail, our breath taking visit to Toroweap and finally, our stay over at the Bar 10 dude ranch. I hope you'll enjoy our presentation.

    If you'd like to read about our adventures, you can find an 8 page article that I wrote about it in the new May issue of 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine. It's available on newsstands now and the cover looks like this...

    More than just a Jeep, it's a WAYALIFE!
    by Published on 02-23-2014 03:55 PM

    ARB is a good choice, but there are other diff choices you can consider. First of all, you need a selectable locker in a JK axle. The ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system does not work well with automatic lockers, like the Detroit, and other ltd-slip devices.

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