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    by Published on 10-13-2014 06:43 PM

    I know there are a lot of people on the internet who really sound like they know what they're talking about and will tell you that you need to replace your factory 10.9 metric track bar bolt with a new 9/16" grade 8 shouldered one. And, I know there are even a few reputable vendors out there who sell whole grade 8 replacement bolts kits as if there's something wrong with all your factory bolts, BUT, I'm hear to tell you to NOT buy into the stupidness and save your money. Just because it's said on the internet doesn't make it true and let's face it, vendors are in the business of making a buck - they will sell you whatever it is you are willing to buy. Fact of the matter is, there nothing wrong with your factory bolts, they are the right size, they don't need to be shouldered and Chrysler purposefully put them on your Jeep for a reason.

    To put things into perspective, you need to know that there are over 1,000,000 Jeep JK Wranglers out there on the roads today and 99% of them or more are still running these so called "wrong size bolts", for about the last 8 years now and without ANY issues. If all these bolts are really the wrong size, you would think it would be all over the news and some kind of recall issued by now. What the naysayers don't understand is that if bolt size were really the only thing that mattered in keeping things from moving around, there would be no need for torque settings.

    Still not convinced? Let's take a closer look at how things work. When you look at the bushing of your track bar or control arms, the metal piece in the middle where your bolt will go through is called a "crush sleeve". AS IN, it's designed to get pushed really really hard from either end. The purpose of your bolts and nuts is to provide "compression" and cause your mounts to act like a vice by clamping down really really hard on the crush sleeve. The crush sleeves is NOT supposed to rotate AT ALL when installed correctly but rather, the bonded rubber bushing will twist around it. Of course, if you have a polyurethane bushing, heim or other aftermarket joint, the bushing will rotate around the sleeve or misalignment spacers - again, there is NO movement around the bolt and therefore, shouldered bolts are NOT necessary. This is the reason why bolts are rated for "torque" and NOT "sheer" - the value of compression strength is all that is necessary to hold things together. Don't believe me? Place a pencil between your index finger and thumb and hold it in the air. Why doesn't the pencil fall? I mean, there's no bolt going though your finger and thumb to hold it in place. Pinch it harder and it will even take effort to move the pencil around. Imagine that - compression alone made that possible.

    If you really want to spend money on your Jeep, invest in a good torque wrench and use it as a part of regular maintenance.
    by Published on 09-28-2014 06:53 PM

    For 2014, the Off Road Evolution JK-Experience presented by Nitto Tire, would take 22 built up Jeep JK Wranglers, 46 people from around the world and put them to the test as they worked their way down the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Starting in Burlington, Washington, they would take on Walker Valley OHV Park, the Moses Lake sand dunes, challenge themselves on the Naches Funny Rocks and Moon Rocks, the thick muds of Elby and all before heading down to Oregon to play on obstacles such as Airplane Hill, 7up and Waterfall out in the Tillamook State Forest. Almost 1,000 miles later, they would finish up their epic journey on the dunes of Sand Lake and relaxing on the shores of Cape Kiwanda.

    Click on the link below to watch the official PACIFIC NORTHWEST : The 201 JK-Experience Teaser Trailer now:

    More than just a Jeep, it's a way of life!
    by Published on 08-18-2014 08:31 PM
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    Last Friday, Eddie and I got to be a part of the Discount Tire/Off Road Evolution pit crew as they took on the 2014 General Tire "Vegas to Reno" race presented by FOX. At 535 miles of pure dirt fun, this race is considered to be the longest off-road race in the United States! This year, 304 vehicles entered the race ranging from Trick Trucks, 1500 class rigs, Jeeps, UTV's and Ironmen and of them, only 114 finished. Of course, Mel Wade in EVO 1 was not only one of them but, for the 2nd year in a row, he was also able to take 1st place in the Ultra 4 class with an impressive time of only 14:48:12.388 - that's over 3 1/2 hours faster than last year! This was not only the fastest time of any Jeep out there, it also put him at 88th place overall! Here are some photos from our epic day of racing out in the Nevada desert, I hope you'll enjoy them.
    by Published on 08-10-2014 06:23 PM

    2 weeks, 9 states, over 4,000 miles and an adventure of a lifetime! In a nutshell, that was the WAYALIFE California or Bust epic trek across the historic California Emigrant Trail. This short 3 minute teaser video is made from the thousands of photos we took along the way and in it, you'll get a glimpse of all the things we saw and all the fun we had. We hope that you'll enjoy the presentation.

    A BIG THANKS needs to go out to Carl, his sister Toni, Et and his son Joe, Tony, Stephanie and their daughter Christina, Don and Lori, Ray and his son Kevin, Tom and Susan, Ken and Doug for joining us on this amazing trip!
    by Published on 08-07-2014 02:55 AM

    So a couple of weeks back, the AC in Moby stopped working and, thinking that it was the compressor, I went down to Carson City Jeep and purchased a new one. At the time, I was told they didn't have one in stock and that I would be called once it came in. While I was waiting for it, I decided to call up Motech to see what they thought being that we were running a factory AC compressor on an LS and Robbie let me know that the problem I was having may not be related to the compressor. He said that he'd be happy to give things a look and fix it for free if necessary and to make it worth my while, he would even make a few upgrades to our LS kit. All I had to do was come down to his shop in Vegas.

    Well, the next day, I received a call from Carson City Jeep stating that the compressor I ordered was in and, being that I no longer needed it, I headed back down to their parts department to request a refund. Of course, when I did this, the guy behind the counter immediately informed me that there would be a 25% restocking fee on all returns. Confused, I explained that I couldn’t be making a return being that I had never taken possession of the compressor. To this, he said that the compressor had to be “special ordered” and because it came in, cancelling it now would have to be treated as a return. When I let him know that I never knew I was making a “special order” and that I was never told about this “return policy”, he said that he would do me a favor, make the restocking fee 10% and that I should take it because it was a real deal. And, this is about when I asked to speak with his manager.

    As luck would have it, the parts manager was in the room next to the counter and was listening to the whole conversation. When he came up, he was visibly irritated with me and rudely let me know that I needed to pay a restocking fee and that was that. He said that the AC compressor would need to be shipped back because my Jeep was too old and that he couldn’t use it. When I reminded him of the fact that the compressor was for a 2007-11 Jeep JK Wrangler, one of Chrysler’s hottest selling models, he turned his head to the computer on the counter, threw his hands in the air and barked back that he’s “NEVER had to order one before!!” When I asked if I would have still been charged a restocking fee had I asked for a refund a couple of days ago, back when the compressor was still in route, he exclaimed, just “take your money and get out of here!” No joke, those were his exact words.

    Of course, I did just that, came home and then promptly wrote a letter to the president of Carson City Jeep, Steven Christian. In it, I politely explained in a nutshell what had happened and let him know that had I been informed verbally and prior to making my purchase of what they consider to be a “special order” and what their “return policy” was, he wouldn't be hearing from me now. Certainly, had I been told ahead of time, I could have made an informed decision as to whether I still wanted to buy the compressor from them or take my business elsewhere. Being that wasn't the case, I had to endure the rude and unprofessional behavior of his parts manager.

    Well, a few days have gone by but, I am happy to say that I did in fact get a personal phone call from Steven Christian and one to apologize for the behavior of his parts manager. He let me know that he completely agreed with my position in this matter, wanted to make sure that I did in fact get a full refund and invited me to come visit him in person. While I wasn't really expecting a response, I am satisfied to have been contacted by someone right from the top and with an effort to make things right. Because of it, I will certainly attempt do business with them again.

    Anyway, for those of you in the Northern Nevada area, I thought you might want to hear about my recent experiences with Carson City Jeep.
    by Published on 08-04-2014 03:36 PM
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    Our ongoing project to build up our Jeep XJ Cherokee required that it have a set of rocker guards. And, being that we do intend to play with it on the rocks, we wanted something that would offer solid protection underneath as well as additional tubes to help act as a step and pivot point as needed.
    by Published on 08-04-2014 01:10 AM

    Running big heavy off road tires on wheels that have a lot less back spacing will put a lot more strain on your unit bearings and that will cause them to wear out prematurely. Worn out unit bearings can cause your wheels to look like they have camber to them and much like bad ball joints, can allow for enough movement to cause death wobble. Fortunately, replacing them costs less than $200, is a relatively easy job and is one that can be done at home with a few simple tools. All you have to do is make sure you have the tools listed (can be found at most any auto parts store) and follow the instructions below.

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