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    JK rear 44 axle shafts

    Another noob question....

    How do you know you twisted the spline? It's obvious after removal and inspection, but what symptom is exhibited

    LarryG Today, 12:39 PM Go to last post

    Dubaibentzen's build of Iceberg

    Congrats!!! Glad you finally got it!

    cozdude Today, 12:19 PM Go to last post



    aldaman Today, 12:15 PM Go to last post

    Dash Cams vs Go Pro

    Thanks again for the new feedback. I may end up with both, dash cam and go pro. The one dash cam that has caught my eye has the low light/night capability.

    JSTJPN Today, 12:07 PM Go to last post

    Getting ready to drop some money

    There's no way that the gear ratio would correct the speedometer. And if you don't program your computer with new gears then it'll throw it into limp

    TennJK Today, 12:04 PM Go to last post

    Watcha cookin'?

    It's also tough to admit it considering u probably spent quite a bit of $ on the brisket.

    rinkishjk Today, 12:02 PM Go to last post