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    What did I buy?

    looks like a nice jeep to buy honestly... well done upgrades
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    Psc big bore xd steering box.

    we ran our big bore on our JK on 37s on a 11 year old stock pump for a year with the factory lines. it worked great. No issues and loved knowing i wasnt going to damage my sector shaft wheeling I saved up and got the rest of the kit later and installed the res, cooler, pump and lines and ours...
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    Transmission coolers? yes or no?

    auto yes... especially with big tires and heavy armor
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    Jinxed Myself

    love our RCVs 12 years old or so and still going strong. love no binding when turning and super reliable plus incredible warranty & US made unlike most chromoly shafts
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    Another what did I buy?

    i did similar. i bought a built 2010 with a RK long arm kit that was in disrepair. I drove it white knuckled on the highway for 4 hours to get it home and then i tore it down and rebuild most of it.... all good now and a great wheeler. You will get there. Just keep pluging, checking bolt...
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    Dynatrac versus Ultimate axles

    The quality of my front PR44 is 2nd to none... I wouldnt hesitate to own dynatrac axles. Almost everything is backordered today... like quality shocks....
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    Back in a Jeep - another lift/general questions

    Transcooler has been necessary for me with my JK on 37s .... we have a 2010 and the 42RLE cries with 37s even with 5.13s
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    Wayalife Amazon Store

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    The Coopers are a fantastic tire. I have installed them on 2 friends jeeps with beadlocks and if I had the money when I did tires on my rig I would have gone with Cooper STT Pro. They are an American made tire and an American company, if you cant support that because you dont like their...
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    JK seat belt retractor bolt tread size and pitch?

    sounds like a perfect reason to go with some PRP seats and harnesses :D
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    Trigger S-Pod light when Jeep is in reverse?

    depending on what s-pod you have some have tigger wires and logic to tell specific switches to turn on when they are triggered (or off) What model S-pod do you have? I have a switch pros and it has 2 tirgger inputs and they can be mapped to any of the outputs
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    JK seat belt retractor bolt tread size and pitch?

    I would go to the dealer and buy the $16 bolt. When I had to do mine a year ago I walked in and bought the bolt and walked out. They had it in their inventory. I wouldnt use a random bolt for your seatbelt
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