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    WANTED: 2-Door JK Rubicon Rocker Guards

    Check Facebook marketplace?
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    How much is the factory JT Rubicon suspension worth?

    I might be interested on the shocks if you want to ship.
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    SPOTTED: Any 4X4 other than a Jeep JK/JL Wrangler

    Spotted this at Lowe's the other day.
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    My WJ Build

    Thanks! Then I found some Overland sliders for $55. The only thing I have a 2000 I'll have to drill all the holes I'm not sure if I want to do that because my body is in really excellent Jeep that is lol! I think it might look pretty cool if I powder coated in black and painted...
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    My WJ Build

    Scored these for $60 bucks. Gonna install with brackets and slight modification.
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    12' Gecko Build

    those are fucking sexy!!!!
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    WANTED: 2-Door JK Rubicon Rocker Guards

    There's some on FB marketplace.
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    Jeep dogs!!!

    F Fickin adorable!
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    The build/re-build of Gruff

    Damn that looks sexy!
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    The build/re-build of Gruff

    Wow! Everything looks amazing. Those seat covers are bad ass!
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    I found some change that I threw in my ashtray
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    1985 CJ-8 Scrambler Restoration

    So bad ass my man!
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    My WJ Build

    On another note I think I fixed my clunking in the ass end ..for now. Changed out with a bigger bolt, torgued and no clunking. I want to do the gladiator Rubicon shock mod I found. It uses adapters for the top and bottom. They gotta be better than those Zone shocks. Not too happy with those.
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    My WJ Build

    $500 to calibrate from dealer!!!! Gauges cost me $ rig has 162,000 cluster 159,000. Not much off. Still looking at other options. Worst case I'll just put the new ones in with upgraded bulbs. On another forum some one had them calibrated somewhere else. Just gotta find where. How have...
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    My WJ Build

    Looks much better. I know no purpose, but looks more updated. Always digged these.
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