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    Cozdude's build of Knuckles

    Haha yup! Building up the JLU now!
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    Cozdude's build of Knuckles

    Bittersweet for sure. Lots of great memories in that Jeep Yea me to. Helped me meet some great people I wouldn’t have met otherwise
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    Cozdude's build of Knuckles

    Well last time i will be posting in here. New owner came down from New York to get knuckles today.
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    In The Shop - Disciple Off Road

    Hate during install. Love post install lol
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    2022 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run

    Great pics by all! Looks like fun was had by everyone!
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    Tool boxes? Icon homak caryle

    Harbor freight is hit and miss with stuff. Some stuff is good and will last while other stuff breaks first use lol
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    Tool boxes? Icon homak caryle

    I had a husky box that works great until I ran out of room and got a snap on. The husky box was great. A guy at work here had a harbor freight icon box and it’s nice
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    Happy new year WAYALIFE family!
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    Disciple Off Road : A Trusted Vendor & Shop in Central California

    Welcome back Jeremy and thanks for supporting the forum! Looking forward to what products you have to offer
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    Sold- 2011 jk

    Still available. 19k for any WAYALIFE member.
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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Jealous of the snow!! Was 60* here in Philly yesterday and 50* today 😡
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    Key FOB Not Detected on my JL Wrangler

    Needs a new key fob battery
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    Advice on Rock Rails

    All you did was try to push me to the roam sliders and here you are making the switch lol
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