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    HighwayTrout's build

    They are very bright. I’m going to swap the clear lenses for amber so they can serve as dust/chase lights.
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    Fuel Prices

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    HighwayTrout's build

    Lift, wheels/tires. I was all hot and bothered to get this thing all done up when we picked it up. As the world stopped and parts were impossible to find, I just kinda lost interest. It seems to be getting easier to find stuff now so we’ll see. I’m in no rush.
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    Rubicon Take Off’s /Lug Nut Question

    I can’t even give mine away. lol Then again they are about to be 10 years old now.
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    HighwayTrout's build

    Finally got around to installing these reverse lights Benatc1 sent me awhile ago. Thanks Ben!
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    Rubicon Take Off’s /Lug Nut Question

    Swap the tires and call it a day. she’s 16.
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    Watcha cookin'?

    Using some big green egg tricks on the Yoder. (Plate setter and pizza stone heated to 500+ degrees) for being pre made dough balls from Trader Hoe’s and canned sauce. Damn good
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    Speedy Cracker

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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to wayalife.
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    Desert Storm...

    Great mileage! It’s getting harder and harder to not run out and order one of these.
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    It’s literally a Toyota Venza with a ford oval on it. So pathetic
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    3.6 with Etorque or 3.0 ecodiesel or 392

    The real question is. 392 vs diesel. And if money wasn’t a consideration. 392 all day
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    3.6 with Etorque or 3.0 ecodiesel or 392

    I had two GayK’s with the 3.6 and now have a GayT with the diesel. Im happy with the diesel. I do not and did not like the 3.6
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    Desert Storm...

    I like that your sticking to health food on your trip. 👍
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