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    Those running tons..

    Yes and from what I heard gear change on the UDs are really pricey.
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    Do you prefer “On X Off” or “Trails Offroad” (with Gaia)?

    I just logged back in to ONX and yeah It sucks compared to Gaia.
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    Do you prefer “On X Off” or “Trails Offroad” (with Gaia)?

    Gaia hands down. Easy to add Gpx in bulk. I dont care for ONX.
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    Rubi sway bar. Keep stock, discos or antirock?

    Sport bar with easy disconnect and sell the rubi bar to Eddie. Two birds one stone.
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    SOB I am out here for the weekend.
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    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    When I was shopping for my UD 60s I was told there are some weird fitment issues in the ud60 housing causing leaks with the seals with ARBs. After talking to a few vendors including Mel who sold me on the E lockers and I'm can say i am glad I went with them. Knowing what I know now on the...
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    Ts&Ps to Wade family

    This breaks my heart. Lisa was so nice the few times I talked with her. My prayers goes go out to the Wade family.
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    SOLD: ATX Slab Beadlock wheels with Nitto 37x12.50x17 Trail Grapplers mounted

    ****SOLD*** Located in Socal Tire have some tread left and wheels are in great condition with normal scratches on the rings.
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    Favorite Quotes...From Ben Franklin Or Whomever...

    "There is no such thing as a good governor in California" -Everyone in California.
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    Don't buy MOPAR Beadlocks

    Agreed, I have come across a lot of people who don’t carry a single tool and can’t even change a tire but have thousands of dollars in after market parts installed by a shop. Baffles me.
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    Jeep Pushing the 2.0

    Congrats bro!
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    JL/JT’s on 40’s

    As far as tire size on the Tazer I notice you need to run a small number then tire size you have. For my JK not JL I set Jscan to 39.25 on tires and 5.38s and at 80mph I am at 3k rpm.
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    Shame on Quadratec

    The PS and GR aluminum are pretty close in price.
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