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    Shower Thoughts

    You win.. 😂😂
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    JL battery charging start stop not working

    I can disable that crap on my F150 by unplugging a wire under the dash... it tricks the truck into thinking there is a trailer hooked up or something.... Regardless, what I notice is when the Auto Start/Stop is plugged in, it's like the truck idles a little lower at a stop... almost border...
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    Joke Thread

    Husband asks his wife... “If I won the lottery what would you do? Wife, without hesitation... “I’d take half your money and leave your ass!” Husband... “Well I won $12 this morning.... Here’s 6 bucks... keep in touch.”
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    Show your guns.

    For sure! I have a 2-12x for the AR... but will get a 4-24 or 5-25x for the new rifle... only problem right now is I generally can’t find 6.5 near me... and when it pops up it’s way too expensive... but yes, I’ll have a 6.5 eventually. 😬
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    Show your guns.

    My wife is on the small side and she is very happy shooting the she bought her own. I really want the 43 but it's a no go in Cali... but really the G19 is such a great option. Even for the ladies.... a gun too small just adds more recoil that they may find uncomfortable... or...
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    Show your guns.

    Very Cool! Yeah, I’m hooked. I’m gonna go with a .308 build next.. I just can’t get 6.5 where I am and I think the .308 will be cheaper to shoot, and create more of a learning experience with elevation & windage etc. I’m leaning towards a Bergara or possibly a chassis setup but not sure yet...
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    Watcha cookin'?

    They’d be throwing Shirts.
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    Trail Recon...

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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    The USA: WTF? San Francisco & West Hollywood: We’re gonna need more test Kits!
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    JoJo- 1957 Panel Wagon

    I like how you do your projects.... get it together, with only essential upgrades... no wasting time on rebuilding (painting) every little detail which can just draw a project out for years.... You get it done and enjoy it for what it is. (y)
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    Dealing with Covid

    Very Sorry Ed.. Sincerely. This shit sucks.
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    Dealing with Covid

    I respect your frustration... but I think some handle (discuss) things like this a little different than others... I did not see it as offensive... and I believe Adam cares, no matter how sarcastic or blunt he comes off.
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    Dealing with Covid

    I think if you read the first and last paragraph of the original post.. an open discussion was expected (encouraged) .. I could be wrong though.
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    Dealing with Covid

    Doesn't surprise me at all.
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Its like Russian Roulette.
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