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    '08 Shifting Horribly

    I've had my wrangler for about two and a half years now, and its manual trans isn't doing too well. It's always had a tendency to occasionally pop out of reverse and it's always had this little catch when shifting into second gear, but now it's just awful. Sometimes at a stoplight, I have to...
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    Trails around the Fort Worth/Dallas Area?

    Hey guys I'm a relatively new jeep owner but have loved 4x4's for a long time. My jeep isn't too built up and other then the bumper, wheels, and tires, the only other thing custom is the Dixie horn. Are there any good places or trails around Fort Worth and Dallas for wheeling?
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    Wave from Fort Worth, Texas

    Been a lurker for a month or two now, finally got around to posting. Can't wait to turn this thing into a monster!
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