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  1. t8er

    RTI ramp score?

    Couldn't find the ramp picture but 3.5" RK springs, fox shocks for a 6" lift, stock control arms and AEV geometry correction brackets. The tire can go up 38" before another tire lifts and scores a 979 on a 30 degree rti ramp. Here's me goofing on a rock
  2. t8er

    Sitting pretty and flexing shots with stats....please

    Sitting pretty Baby flexed I'll call it a bastard lift. It started with a 3.5" RE lift. Still have the RE rear bracket and control arm bracket. Now has 3.5" RK coils, Fox Shocks for a 6" lift, Synergy steering and 37" Mud Graps on Pro Comp rims
  3. t8er

    SNAKE EYES : A Fateful Trip Across the Fordyce Jeep Trail [Offical Trailer]

    It wasn't honey sting just regular and it was before we had trunk or treat at church. Gotta love the American theme and it won
  4. t8er

    Show Us Your Jeep in the Fall Colors 2015!!

    The lookout on twin cone in Colorado I don't know what's better looking. The colors, the jeep or the girls
  5. t8er

    New doors

    So I've got a 2014 wrangler and 2 friends with a 13 and a 14. All are JKU's and together we can buy a full set. I found a set of 4 off an 08. Is it possible to swap all of our power windows, locks etc over to an all manual 08 door? If so how hard is it? Thank you for any help
  6. t8er

    Random Photos

    Truth right there
  7. t8er

    Hardtop for sale Denver

    Selling the hardtop off my 14 JKUR. I'm located 20 minutes south of Denver. I'm asking $1400 OBO for the top. Pm me here if interested. I'm also open to partial trades.
  8. t8er

    Question about Fuel Carries, pros and cons

    I have 2 jerry cans in an ORFAB carrier. I keep one tank full and just use it once every two weeks. I've wheeled with both tanks full before and never had to use them. I've wheeled for 10-12 hours in a day and as long as I started off full I was ok. I would still recommend it because like...
  9. t8er

    Rear gear issues

    Ok. My jeep is back in the shop for the second time in 3 months for the rear gears. The first set lasted 3000 miles before it spit out a rear tooth. The second set has metal shavings in the gears and 4 ring gear bolts came out. One of them got caught between the carrier and the housing...
  10. t8er

    Crown brake lines

    So I just ordered crown brake lines for a 6" kit. Before I installed them I followed the factory brake line routing and found that the crown brake lines are shorter than my stock brake lines. The rear were longer so I'm wondering if they were mis packaged or is that normal for extended front...
  11. t8er

    On Board air compressor vs tank style air

    Not the best shot. It will fit with a traditional soft top but if you run a slant back top you'll need to make a bracket or buy one from powertank. You can also floor mount it but it needs to be at a 45* angle to work properly. I'll try to take another shot tonight.
  12. t8er

    Kamikaze Jeep Build

    Waiting on the suspension parts to all get here. The brake lines are in, rear RK springs are in. Waiting on the front springs and shocks. Finally after a month and a half my smitty seat covers came in. At $150 for the set I couldn't pass the deal up. Not the best fit but better than some...
  13. t8er

    Evo 1/4 pounder

    Mine are on the outside bolts. Currently they're on a switch but I'm going to install the DOT legal fog lights from rigid soon
  14. t8er

    Random Photos

    I'd be screwed at t bell
  15. t8er

    Random Photos

    Yup. That's it
  16. t8er

    Kamikaze Jeep Build

    I'll measure tonight but it still fits in a standard garage. That's just the moab trails. I'll be running holy cross again in September.
  17. t8er

    Pictures of any four doors on 37s

    Loving being in the 37 club. I kind of wished I would've waited and done them to begin with
  18. t8er

    Headlight Suggestions JK 14

    Another one for trucklites. The JW speakers are nice also but cost more. If you do an HID retrofit correctly I'm sure it's nice but I like the plug and play personally. Call Oliver or Tim at Northridge since I think they still have a few sets at the old price.
  19. t8er

    WIN a NEW Painless Trail Rocker JK Jeep Accessory Control System!!

    yeah buddy i could use that thank you Painless and Eddy.
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