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  1. badassbrass

    ARB Twin air compressor

    Metal cloak bracket
  2. badassbrass

    ARB Twin air compressor

    Install it under da hood and get a tank.
  3. badassbrass

    Random Photos

    ready to hit the trail
  4. badassbrass

    Rock sliders

    ´ Pretty efficient.
  5. badassbrass


    How do we fix this one??
  6. badassbrass

    16" on jk

    16" rims fits on JK?
  7. badassbrass

    2012 trans

    My jk 2012 trans does'nt engage sometimes. But i put it back on park and get back to d and it work..... Auto trans, swapped to 4:88 calibrated.... Any thought on that???
  8. badassbrass


    hi guys! at 3.5" lift. the caster on a zj should be around??? And should the upper arms be a bit different of a lenght??
  9. badassbrass

    40" with pentastar on sahara 2012

    Automatic. I would gear 5:29... Whats your thought?? From Québec
  10. badassbrass


    I receive my crossmember, 2012..... One thing, i'ts a 07-11.... Does it fit on 2012? From Québec
  11. badassbrass


    Does someone's ride the teraflex longarm lcg elite?? And what's your rating on it? Ciao!! From Québec
  12. badassbrass

    Can i void my abs??

    How can i get rid of the ABS?? From Québec
  13. badassbrass

    Center bore

    I need to Know the center bore of a Sahara 2012 unltd. Pleaaaaaaaase. From Québec
  14. badassbrass


    I have kmc thump with 5" backspace. No offset. Which spacers do i need? They rub on my rock light and the roll bar....... From Québec
  15. badassbrass

    What was done to your rig this week?

    From Québec
  16. badassbrass

    What was done to your rig this week?

    Here is my rig From Québec
  17. badassbrass

    Track bar

    The track bar bushing on jk cannot be change..... Is that true??? From Québec
  18. badassbrass


    I'm thinking of Ghetting ARB locker, i want reliable stuff, good or not?? From Québec
  19. badassbrass

    Doors off

    Hi! Is it possible that your body CAN twist while riding without doors? I guess it looses it's stifness........ From Québec
  20. badassbrass

    Gear up

    I need to know which gear i should get! I mostly offroading,not my DD, but run it all week end. I'm on 35" Sahara 2012(3:21). Rarely on highway, So i need something all around, leaning toward offroading
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