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  1. Cousin Clyde

    Stock Fender Flares

    Looking for stock flares for a 2017 JKU Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  2. Cousin Clyde

    Free Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

    ***These puppies are gone*** The best. Made right here in Loveland. Set of 2. Five on five bolt pattern. 1.5 inches thick. Never used. Realized I didn’t need em. Returned the first pair to 4WP and then they wouldn’t let me return these ones because I purchased them more than 30 days...
  3. Cousin Clyde

    Wheel hub re-assembly

    Anyone ever put a little bit of anti seize around the mating surface before putting it back into the knuckle? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  4. Cousin Clyde

    Welds: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Or The Beautiful

    Can’t find any just weld threads. If there is one, please merge this... Any welders out there? Got a great weld to show off? Or a not so great one too! All welds welcome... I’m in steel construction, and I like lookin at welds... Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  5. Cousin Clyde

    Red locktite on driveshaft...

    I have aftermarket double Cardan front and rear shafts. Changed the yokes on the t case and the rear pinion. Used red locktite on the yokes. Don’t regret it. Those need to stay on real good. HOWEVER, I was in instruction following mode and used red on the bolts that attach the front drive shaft...
  6. Cousin Clyde

    Bent frame...

    So this Toyota Highlander ran a red light and I T boned her going 35 mph. Basically exploded her front end and broke her wheel off her axle and totaled her front body / suspension. My jeep appears basically fine. My Poison Spyder bumper is literally still in perfect condition (Insert jeep vs...
  7. Cousin Clyde

    Rear Passenger Coil Rubbing on track bar

    Installed MetalCloak 3.5” Game Changer. Everything about it rules. However, I lengthened the rear upper control arms to get my new Adams shaft right in line with the differential and the axle was pushed back just far enough that the spring rubs on the track bar during off road levels of...
  8. Cousin Clyde

    Heyo from Denver!

    Yo yo. Glad to be part of the community. Just slapped on a new metalcloak liftt and some method beadlocks. Pretty psyched. Be safe, have fun!:D
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