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  1. DaJudge

    Put new shoes on the XJ

    Going to WJ steering so I needed 16" wheels. Also switched from BFG KO2s to Cooper STT Pros.
  2. DaJudge

    Moab over Thanksgiving Weekend

    I have been having health problems since we got back so I have not worked on the videos or pictures. I finally got the Poison spider one up on YouTube so I thought I would start with that. We ran it on Thanksgiving day. It was the first time we ran it! What a great day! Hopefully I will get...
  3. DaJudge

    Hello from ABQ

    I realized I never posted up a wave! I guess better late then never! So..Hello from Albuquerque! I don't post much but hopefully I can occasionally contribute something worthwhile!
  4. DaJudge

    Playing in the snow!

    We actually got some snow in Albuquerque so we went out west of town to have some fun. Spent about four hours out there. It was slick but a lot of fun! Little video of the heep.
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