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  1. bigcale

    Crazy/lucky roll over and recovery story

    Came across this story over the weekend and thought I would share. Full disclaimer, not me, not associated in any way. This is a trail I have run with some members on here and it is a sobering look at what can happen. Facebook post from the driver: Cliff notes: Guy was wheeling alone with...
  2. bigcale

    Factory service manuals?

    Anybody have one for the 2012+ other than the craptastic one Jeep sells that seems to only like to run on Windows XP.
  3. bigcale

    Another Colorado Wave

    New to the site but not new to Jeeps. Bought it in May and have been wheeling every weekend since. Current one is a 2012 2 door JK sport. Mods so far: Rubicon BFG takeoffs JKS disconnect Cobra 75WXST Rubicon sliders Coming soon: Rubicon JKU springs (just need to install them) Re-gear...
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