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  1. trailraider

    RIP Betty White

    Sad news today about Betty White. just short of 100 R.I.P
  2. trailraider

    Need advice on lunch

    I have to admit I have been depressed for a bit about lunches. It's really tough for me to decide what to eat for lunch everyday. I need some advice I can't eat samiches everyday, leftovers are alright but not everyday. I have worked in the same place for 20 years , so everything is the...
  3. trailraider

    Home theater projector

    Got the OK to build a home theater in the basement. I have the sound system ready to go , but thinking of to do a projector and screen. but I know nothing about them. pro and cons ? so questions, with the tech in the t.v and the size you can get is it worth going projector? or should I just...
  4. trailraider

    Positive impact

    With all the negativity that seem to be beaming on the internet, lets read some of the positive shit people have impacted you with. My grandfather was a huge influence on me when I was a kid in so many ways. One thing we used to always do in the evening when I would spend time with him was...
  5. trailraider

    V95 recall

    Check your vin at the dealer. Rear shafts were put together without grease in them WTF.........:hmm: that seems like a pretty important step to not miss.
  6. trailraider

    PLB , does anyone have one? experiences ?

    With where we go off road there is 0 cell reception for hours(remote rocky mountains). We always go with someone so chances of someone not being able to get out are slim, but possible. Is this a good thing to maybe add to the safety kit? does anyone have one? experiences? I know there are the...
  7. trailraider

    Stupid gift to Spouse

    So we have all done some stupid stuff in our past, some would be ideas or gifts to our spouses. lets hear some of the great in theory not in practice stuff we've done. Buddy of mine surprised his wife with a membership to weight watchers. he walked home from the store.
  8. trailraider

    MJ now legal in Canada......

    Well it's all official..... those who did it can do it. I don't think it will really change much in that aspect other then it might be less behind closed doors... except for those in law enforcement, they still have to pretend they don't do it. :bleh:
  9. trailraider

    Smoke from B.C fires.

    smoke from the B.C wild fires in Calgary.
  10. trailraider

    Weird video, but it has a Jeep in it.

  11. trailraider

    plane lands on Calgary street

    A small piper plane had to land on a city street yesterday, just before rush hour. this is literally 2 mins south of the airport.
  12. trailraider


    I will not be on a computer for the next week and I would like to wish all of you MERRY CHRISTMAS before I unplug for the week. from my family to all of yours ,we wish you all the best over the holiday season. Jay
  13. trailraider

    Food for thought

    just a little food for thought, have all us JK wrangler owners been really driving Cherokees? Cherokee body line vin code was signified with a L and the Wranger (TJ) was designated with a P. JK line code is a L. have we been lied to and are in fact really driving cherokees? hmmmmmm could be...
  14. trailraider

    **New Electric Jeep announced from FCA**

    interesting indeed.
  15. trailraider

    Photography tips, tricks and hints.

    as the title says. I like to think there are several amateur and maybe professional photographers who can help with questions for others. i love the look of night photography myself , but have issues with some of my settings. My photos don't come out as crystal clear/crisp as i would like. i...
  16. trailraider

    Any plans on a long arm coil over kit?

    like the title say. do you plan on ever doing a coil over system incorporated with your long arm kit? or just stick to standard style? or is there a coil over kit that works nice with your long arm that you know of? i like your suspensions that i've done on some others and i am thinking of...
  17. trailraider

    15 year clockspring warranty

    FCA has extended the clockspring warranty to 15 years on 11-16 wranglers. LHD only though. sorry Aussies
  18. trailraider

    Merry Christmas to you all

    As I will most likely not be on the computer now until after Christmas I would like to wish everyone the best. here is to quality time with family and good friends. cheers Jason
  19. trailraider

    not so warm

    a mere -23 deg when I got up this morning. still a week and a half of this ahead of us. I envy those who live in a warmer climate on days like this.
  20. trailraider

    S33 recall

    FCA just posted up the S33 recall to their system today. no parts listed yet , but should be soon now. hopefully they will have their shit together to get parts for it.. edit part #'s 05156106AF CLOCKSPRING 06505656AA RETAINING BOLT
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