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  1. BlueRubicon

    Front diff skid

    Could anyone share some feedback on front diff skids OTHER than the Rancho? Don't get me wrong...the Rancho more than paid for itself. My only problem with it is the U-bolt set up they use. I was always concerned about it and had posted questions regarding it months ago. If the front get's...
  2. BlueRubicon

    Just driving down the trail

    Silver Much more aggressive than red.
  3. BlueRubicon

    18 JLUR M210

    Could someone please at their convenience take a photo of their front diff where driveshaft yoke enters the diff? See attached photos. That ring that looks to me like a dust shield? is what I am trying to see if normal. Item #9 in diagram below. My Rancho skid plate got hit which bent it...
  4. BlueRubicon

    Caldor Fire...

    Saw this story from a couple of sources. Cannot say if directly connected to Caldor fire, but still...bitch has issues.
  5. BlueRubicon

    TAZER Live functions

    I disabled A Stop and TC in the Live Tazer functions. Meaning, Tazer is supposed to remember the last setting before you shut off vehicle. 80% of the time it works properly. Meaning...I have pushed the A button and the TC button so that they are illuminated (OFF). However...once in a while...
  6. BlueRubicon

    Super swamper's

    I did a search here and most of the posts were pretty old. Does anyone have any experience with Super Swamper tires? What I find when doing a net search is a company called Interco. I do not know anything about them.
  7. BlueRubicon

    JLURubicon Steer assist

    Has anyone here put hydraulic assist on their JL Rubicon? I have 2.0L and I would suspect applications are not the same as the V6, but I do not know for sure.
  8. BlueRubicon

    Has anyone bent their Stock Dana44 or know of someone who did?

    Title is the question. This is for the JL model only. Just curious as to how these 44 housings are holding up.
  9. BlueRubicon

    JL transfer case

    Has anyone with M210 axle who has removed the FAD and put in solid axle, run into problems with T/S not shifting because of the synchro? I have solid pass side axle in the box and waiting for FAD removal plate (back ordered). A forum member posted about this a while back, and I read about in on...
  10. BlueRubicon

    Broken factory LCarm mount

    18 JLUR 26k miles
  11. BlueRubicon

    Artec inner fenders and fender chop kit...very clean.

    Installed these over the weekend. Artec makes nice products. And American made!! EDIT...scroll down to reply #8, WJCO was kind enough to upright the pictures!! Sorry about pics upside down. :shock:
  12. BlueRubicon

    JL turn signal LED flasher

    Good morning folks, I am putting on Artec fender brackets which have LED' lights in place of my stock fender marker/turn signal lights. Me thinks the OEM flasher will not work, because my Jeep has all incandescent lamps. Have any of you gone through this. There are many LED flashers out there...
  13. BlueRubicon

    Service 4WD light

    Well, it is official. I hate the new JL. All this electronic bs they put on these things to appease the idiots. As we know, transfer case is mechanical so you CAN get it in 4H or 4L no matter what. However, if the indicator lights on your dash where it shows 2H 4H 4L, do not light up when in...
  14. BlueRubicon

    After dark off roading in Moab

    Could any of you make a suggestion on a leisurely trail after dark? My wife and I got into Moab late this morning, and by the time we swapped on the big tires, set up house, went grocery shopping and cooking food...then eating, we would like to get out and enjoy a trail. No crawling or...
  15. BlueRubicon

    Does anyone wheel their 2.0L etorque JLUR?

    For those that do, I am sharing some advice. I have been wheeling my 18 JLUR since Feb of 19. For the most part, the the exhaust has been mostly unscathed. I saw a dent in the muffler, cannot say when exactly; but shaking the tailpipe I could tell muffler was secured. Well, at sometime...
  16. BlueRubicon

    Left side front axle shaft JLUR

    Does anyone have a spare left front axle for JL Rubicon? I ordered RCV's (plan 'A') and they may not be in before I leave for Moab on Sep 18. I have already been in contact with Bubba (plan 'B'), and he says he can probably hook me up. This thread is merely plan 'C'.
  17. BlueRubicon

    Replacing ball joints on 18 JLUR...

    I replaced all four ball joints with Spicer steel replacements. As some of you know, there is a collar on top for both sides. On driver side, when disassembled, collar will easily slide in and out of spindle. However, after pressing in bj's, putting spindle on and pre loading bj's, the collar...
  18. BlueRubicon

    Will fluid leak on FAD if...?

    My RCV axles will not be in for two weeks. I broke left front joint when my ball joints failed. I am replacing all ball joints tomorrow. Can I simply pull out axle and drive the vehicle without fluid loss? JLUR with FAD.
  19. BlueRubicon

    Adjustable ball joints JL

    Is anyone making adjustable ball joints for the JL? I see Synergy has them for JK, but I am not seeing them for JL.
  20. BlueRubicon

    Monument Valley

    Some of you may be aware that all the Navajo lands are currently closed due to the Covid. We were planning to drive down there one day when we are in Moab. Chances are high, they will still be closed in Septemeber. Do any of you know, if you can see the valley from outside the reservation? I...
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