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  1. klungly

    TJ ton swap

    I bought a dana 60 for Baboozle last year for his Willie's project. It didn't work out for him and I bought the as soon as he offered it. I got it home. Took off the drums and brake assembly's. I was doing research on and couldn't find anything that matched. I measured the ring gear and...
  2. klungly

    DIY Trail Vise

    I'm too cheap to buy a trail d-vise so I tried to make my own. Here's what I came up with. First I drilled 2 holes in some 2" square bar stock. The radius's were milled with a rotary table. Then I milled them to the thickness I wanted and milled slots for the jaws to mount into.
  3. klungly

    TJ hood louver install

    Installed a hood louver to help remove hot air from my engine bay. If it doesn't work I have a few other ideas.
  4. klungly

    Rubicon sway bar disassembly.

    BABOOZLE have me this sway bar to see what I could do. It took a while to figure out how to take it apart without destroying the whole thing. Finally took the short half to work and put it in the arbor press. Got that half apart, the other side should be the same. From what I can tell a new...
  5. klungly

    TJ won't start

    My TJ randomly stopped starting. I have a red top optima that's only a few months old. I had the starter checked and it was fine. Did some research and found out it might be either the ignition switch or the ignition switch actuator had broken. Dug into the steering column. took out the...
  6. klungly

    Dogde Dana 80

    Does anyone know if a Dodge rear Dana 80 is worth it? Sent from my XT1585 using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. klungly

    Blank wheels

    Does anybody in western Washington know where you can get bolt patterns drilled in blank wheels?
  8. klungly

    CJ buggy build

    I bought a set of super duty axles and decided to put them I a 1977 CJ. It came with a 350.
  9. klungly

    Waving from Bremerton WA.

    I have a 2005 TJ sport, 6'' jks lift with a rough counrty long arm kit, soon to be somthing different. 35X12.50 micky thompson bajas. dana 44, arb air lockers, alloy axle shafts front and rear. rigid industries 50'' light bar. slip yoke eliminator. I've had it for about 5 years, don't think...
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