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  1. jdofmemi

    Front JK Track bar

    Anyone close by have a front track bar still laying around? I need to find one for Vengeance, to get by while I figure out what else will fit. It is tight, and even the stock one hits, well, everything. A bigger aftermarket one may not be the answer.
  2. jdofmemi

    Vengeance, part III

    I decided to start a fresh "build" thread for Vengeance, so the sale thread or the Windrock thread didn't become one😁 For those who don't know the history, here is part I, the back story...
  3. jdofmemi

    Sway bar

    Does anyone have a stock sport sway bar laying around they don't need? I'm contemplating a bumper modification that don't leave room for the Rubicon sway bar, and I already have JKS links.
  4. jdofmemi

    Windrock with Vengeance late March

    For those interested, this is looking like a thing. I am good for a Saturday only, as I have to head towards California. Still working on which Saturday, but the leading candidates are the 20th and the 27th. Possibly April 3rd, but with that Easter weekend, it may not be the best time to...
  5. jdofmemi


    Will JK axles fit a JL? No particular reason to ask this, yet anyway, just curious. Particularly aftermarket axles, but with the JK mounts.
  6. jdofmemi

    Jdofmemi and the yet unnamed Jeep rebuild

    Well, better late than never I guess. Somewhere in the rebuild, I will have to settle on a name. The ex wanted to call it Digger, but I never quite fell for that. We will see what comes up, and I'm open to suggestions. To start, the original build as I bought it. 2015 JKUR with 5.13...
  7. jdofmemi

    2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

    I thought I would post up a review here of this truck. I used one last weekend to take a trailer to Northern Nevada to retrieve my F-350. I pulled this 9 ton equipment trailer up, and the Ram did great. The trailer is heavy, at about 4800# empty. Running mostly 65 with the trailer, I got a...
  8. jdofmemi

    Non Rubicon rear axle

    I'm looking for a deal on a non Rubicon rear axle. Anything from a bare housing to a complete one. I want to put one together with an ARB locker and 35 spline axles. Reading up, that set up does not work in a Rubicon axle, which is fine with me, as I can build the new to me axle then swap it...
  9. jdofmemi

    JLUR springs, shocks, and sliders

    I have the stick springs, shocks, rock sliders, and lower control arms from the 2018 JLU Rubicon. If anyone is interested, let me know. Located in SoCal, Hemet area.
  10. jdofmemi

    I hate thieves!

    I came out of the motel I was in last night to find the tailgate missing on my work truck. To make it worse, the bed was full of crap I had loaded up to clean up a job site, so I had to get creative to keep it from falling out. We should just cut their fucking hand off when we catch them
  11. jdofmemi

    The rise of Olaf The JL

    So, before it gets too far gone, I am going to do a build thread for Becky's JLU Rubicon. She liked my JK so much that she traded her Silverado for a JLU Rubicon the week before Christmas last year. We joined in the NY19 run with it when it barely had one thousand miles on it. Got some JL...
  12. jdofmemi

    "Help" threads

    This is just my 2 cents worth, but a thread title that just says "Help" may not get as many views and therefore helpful replies as a thread title that says "Help", as well as a brief description of the problem. Today one active thread was just "Please Help", while another just below it was...
  13. jdofmemi

    Posting pictures from mobile

    I have been posting pics since I started, but for the last week or so when I click on the manage attachment link and the new window opens, instead of the picture selection, it is a completely blank page. Nothing at all but white. Any ideas how to fix it.
  14. jdofmemi

    Subscribed threads

    Is there any way to get your subscribed threads on the mobile site? I can find them on the full site, but that is a PITA on the phone. I looked high and low for them on mobile, but can't find them anywhere.
  15. jdofmemi

    SoCal Wave

    New member here, with a new to me Jeep. I have browsed around and lurked several forums for a few weeks since buying my first Jeep, and decided this is the Jeep community I would like to be a part of. I am new to Jeep, but have wheeled for many years, mostly in a very capable 85 Toyota. I...
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