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  1. TrailHunter

    EVO Tire Carrier Bushing Play

    Has anyone experienced play in the upper bushing of EVO's tire carrier? Is this normal? I'm assuming I can get replacements?
  2. TrailHunter

    No Fridge / No Cooler / No Ice

    I've decided to try something new on our Family Trips... and that's to Ditch the Cooler. The reason is simply space or lack there of. Loading up the Jeep with a family of four can be difficult and I've tried real hard to keep things to a minimum. A week before the last trip out, as I was...
  3. TrailHunter

    Mlb 2021

    Opening Day is here.. Just Cracked a beer and Enjoying a Game.. Hope to visit the ballpark this year. Good Luck to your favorite Team. ⚾️[emoji481][emoji631]
  4. TrailHunter

    Synergy Rear Adjustable Track Bar - too long?

    I bought a Synergy track bar to center the axle... but I need to pull the frame towards driver a 1/2" more... and I've shortened it as far as it will go.... Anyone else have this issue?
  5. TrailHunter

    EVO Front LCA Adjustment collar question

    I have been chasing a slight popping sound when braking and maneuvering .... I removed the frame bolt of the front LCA to grease the JJ's and realized there is play at the front collar. I'm thinking I installed these wrong.... the jamb bolt on the tube is tight to the collar, but I can twist...
  6. TrailHunter

    Gmrs - the new cb?

    So I've been nerding out on Comms and It seems people are starting to ditch CB and switching to GMRS. I am definitely interested in HAM and what it offers.... but for simplicity and getting fellow Jeepers on board... GMRS seems like the next logical step. I also read The Jeepers Jamboree is...
  7. TrailHunter

    The New Bronco: Better than the Original?

    What do you think?
  8. TrailHunter

    Coolant Reservoir Seems Loose

    Anyone ever notice how much your coolant overflow reservoir moves around? That can't be good when wheeling.... or am I over thinking it?
  9. TrailHunter

    Mlb 2020

    Might as well get this thread started... it’s been an interesting week.
  10. TrailHunter

    Desert Pics.... lets see them.

    The Desert offers some amazing views... lets see some pics you got while roaming in your Jeep. Here is some I got in Calico:
  11. TrailHunter

    Best Toe Setting? - Slight Low speed Wander...

    I have a slight Wandering feeling at lower speeds that I feel could be better... Once I’m at 50mph and up the Jeep tracks perfect and feels Solid. I’ve double checked the Toe in and I’m at exactly 1/16” (35” tires). All the steering components have been upgraded except the Unit bearings...
  12. TrailHunter

    Baseball - 2019

    Just Unreal.....
  13. TrailHunter

    What’s in your Pipe? (Tobacco that is..)

    I’m getting back into Pipe tobacco.. Picked up a Morgan Bones Pipe recently to get me going again... I enjoy cigars but they are so damn expensive here... And its so easy (and relaxing) to pack a quick bowl now and then. I bought some old favorites, Captain Black - White & Royal. But I am...
  14. TrailHunter

    Front sway bar link - Short vs Long

    The Evo 3” Enforcer kit without the drag link flip uses the longer Rear links up front. Understandable.... But when you install their Drag link flip kit, which lifts the links higher.... do you go back to the stock shorties or still use the longer rears? I used the shorties because the flip...
  15. TrailHunter

    Caster Settings - JKUR

    So I have checked my Caster with both a digital level and an analog Angle finder.... both are reading about 4.8 - 5*. (I think it's 5*) I measured off the top of the ball joints but that seems harder because any rotation of the angle finder can change the number a little..... I also did it off...
  16. TrailHunter

    Brake line extension routing

    How do you guys run your rear brake lines so they don’t get ripped off by a branch or something? Seems like my rear lines are sort of exposed.
  17. TrailHunter

    F@#K Aluminum

    I was at the lumber yard this morning and my dumb ass turned into a stack of 2x6’s that was in my blind spot. Buckled the lower part of both my passenger doors. [emoji22] 3 months after I bought my F150, some lady backed into my rear Drivers door.... so I’m thinking “Magnetic” Grey was a bad...
  18. TrailHunter

    3" Lift w/ Rockstars - What is the best shock Length?

    I am trying to figure out the best Rancho RS9000 shock length to buy for the Rear if I run Rockstars. I don't really want to add any additional bump stop than provided with the EVO enforcer 3" kit. But I also don't want to damage the shock. My other concern is that the EVO kit will level the...
  19. TrailHunter

    Ford Truck - Which Motor?

    I am getting really close to trading my 05 Duramax in for a new/used truck. I never thought I would buy a ford, but it looks like I am moving to the Dark side.. Haha... I have 4 motor options: 1. 3.3 V6 2. 3.5 V6 Ecoboost 3. 2.7 V6 Ecoboost 4. 5.0 V8 Now that I have my Jeep.... the truck is...
  20. TrailHunter

    Steering Stabilizer Flip on stock Rubi

    My OEM stabizer is pretty bent up.. it’s not leaking, but I’m not sure if its working right.... Can I install a flip kit now that can also be used later with my 3” Lift. I’m cool with an OEM shock... but would like to move it up and not have to buy anything twice when I run 35’s. If so, any...
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