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  1. ScottofKSU

    Experiencing Moab for the first time

    I am looking at a run out to Moab for my families annual Halloween Wheeling Trip. This thread has been very helpful!
  2. ScottofKSU

    next ?

    Personally, I would suggest an American Made Core 4X4 adjustable bar... They can be purchased with Johnny Joints on both ends and are really beefy! I replaced two JKS adjustable bars with Core units after the lock nuts on both JKS bars I had on the Jeep after my lift became hopelessly frozen...
  3. ScottofKSU

    American made Jeep product manufacturer thread!

    Another one I love is Core 4x4! Also entirely American Made! Because of them, almost all the joints known to me on my JK have Johnny Joints (JJs) EXCEPT for the front upper control arms where they mount to the axle which have the pressed in rubber bushings that I have not found a good solution...
  4. ScottofKSU

    American made Jeep product manufacturer thread!

    Rock Hard 4X4 is an American based company out of Nebraska! Their parts are American made and assembled - versus the many companies that assemble their products in America from foreign made materials.
  5. ScottofKSU

    Trail Recon...

    I don't know Brad (i.e., Trailrecon) personally, but I message back and forth with him from time to time. I will mention something to him... I fear that nothing can stop this issue, but it can hopefully at least be slowed... Seems our ranks (i.e., offroaders) have been infiltrated by folks who...
  6. ScottofKSU

    Tie Rod and Drag link upgrade?

    I inherited a Synergy tie-rod that the previous owner had ran for about 15k miles on 35s before including it in the axles and lift components I purchased from them. The joints were still rock solid, but one of the boots was damaged. I replaced the boots and have put another 10k on the tie rod...
  7. ScottofKSU

    These codes drive me nuts any OBD speccialist to help please

    I wonder if it could be a small short in the wiring... Simple test would be to "wiggle" the wiring for the TPS to see if that causes the codes to "pop". A more complex test would have you test that a constant 5 volts is being observed in the power wire to the TPS taking note when the voltage...
  8. ScottofKSU

    What was done to your rig this week?

    That 6.4 Hemi is a FANTASTIC engine! I am a "Chevy Guy" by birth, and, as much as it pains me to admit, this engine might be better than darn near anything I have ever driven that was made by the General... My wife recently purchased a 2021 Challenger Scat-Pack Widebody with this engine and it...
  9. ScottofKSU

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Agreed! I have the Kindle versions downloaded to the devices I take off-roading with me. I used the Colorado Backroads book recently when we were exploring and wanted to go to Loch Lomond! The only issue I have found is that some trails have degraded since publication - the Loch Lomond trail...
  10. ScottofKSU

    Flat tube flares, evo poison or genright?

    I am looking at the Metalcloak Overline fenders that allow for wide, metal fenders while on road, and no fenders when off road. They seem to be priced just slightly below what the Genright and other "premium" offerings are going for; so definitely pricey which is why I do not have them yet...
  11. ScottofKSU

    Detailing your jeep

    Thanks to whoever originally recommended both Chemical Guys and especially their waterless wash! It's the only thing I have found that can get my black JK looking clean and keep it looking that way for a couple days when I park it outside! Whenever I wash it there are spots that have kind of a...
  12. ScottofKSU

    Tow rigs

    Thanks! The engine has 165,000 on it and just before he passed my dad had to replace the VP44 injector pump which are notorious for going bad on these trucks due to low fuel pressure. Thus, my next upgrade will be an aftermarket lifter pump - thinking of going with the Air Dog 100gph unit. Next...
  13. ScottofKSU

    Tow rigs

    I am a little embarrassed to even share mine given how awesome many of your rigs are! LOL I inherited a 2001 Dodge 2500 4x4 with the 5.9 24v Cummins last July. When I went to Washington, where my dad - the previous owner - lived and died, it had: no brakes and no brake fluid (rotors were gone up...
  14. ScottofKSU

    Radios in Jeeps and on the Trail

    I think the key takeaways are: 1. Run whatever radio your crew runs - they are who you would likely be talking to first anyway. 2. Don't count on the radio - whatever kind it is - to save you. Be ready to save yourself! 3. Keep an eye on what radios events or off-road parks are suggesting as...
  15. ScottofKSU

    Miles.. Everyone's got em, let's see yours!

    Bought my Jeep with 84,000 miles 1 year and 8 months ago, and currently have 110,000 on it! Averaging just under 1,500 miles per month... :oops:
  16. ScottofKSU

    Radios in Jeeps and on the Trail

    I too started with just a CB which I installed and then tuned (i.e., adjusted my antenna for the perfect SWR rating). However, when my buddy and I ran into trouble on a trail at SMOR and tried to call someone with a working winch to free his Jeep from where it had become precariously stuck, we...
  17. ScottofKSU

    Unit Bearing Q?

    I have seen several unit bearings presumably from different companies (e.g., Moog, Mopar, ect.) and they all: 1) have the same hallmarks associated with the plant of manufacture - making me wonder if, regardless of what you buy, they are all the same UB produced at the same factory in South...
  18. ScottofKSU

    Roger's Evolutions - 2012 2-Door JK

    The only downside of installing my new radio is that I needed to remove the bracket that supported my Bulletpoint mount that I had been using for holding my devices during my daily commute or while on the trail. As we all know, setbacks just necessitate upgrades! LOL This weekend I added a...
  19. ScottofKSU

    Beestie build

    Beautiful ride! I love those hoods!
  20. ScottofKSU

    CANCELED My AAA Premier Road Side Assistance - Think You're Covered? Think Again

    Based on my past experiences with AAA it seems as though they just manage the plan at AAA and rely on "partners" (i.e., local towing companies) to serve as contracted labor. Any objection or concern from a partner and they rely on their user agreement to explain away why you were not supported...
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