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  1. mstraw9379

    Son is looking at an '89 YJ

    So this thing has 160,000 miles on it. The engine needs some work (current owner has parts, pistons and rings). The tub and frame look like they are in good shape. He has a lot of extra stuff, tonneau cover, windjammer, bikini top. Also has half doors and a hard top. The steering feels loose and...
  2. mstraw9379

    Losing a pet really sucks.

    Had to let my dog go tonight. He was old. We didn't want him to suffer. I feel like I betrayed my best friend.
  3. mstraw9379

    Non-Jeep truck

    Here's a question for you truck guys. Good and bad of the F150? My wife wants a truck and she knows someone that has anolder one, so that is what she wants. What should I look for, avoid, etc.?
  4. mstraw9379

    The oldest operating nuclear power plant in the US shut down for the last time today.

    Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station went offline for the last time today. The shutdown was 11 years early. Great place to work. Amazing people to work with. About 49 years of clean, reliable, safe power. Goodbye, Oyster Creek. You will be missed.
  5. mstraw9379

    The rise of the Pooper (aka Mocha)

    I've owned my '15 Rubicon for almost two years now. My wife named her Mocha when we left the dealership because the color reminded her of a cup of coffee. When I got home all of my kids hated the color. They called her the Pooper. So now my Jeep has two names. I've enjoyed driving my Jeep over...
  6. mstraw9379

    2018 Berwick WWII Weekend

    My wife, son, and I moved to PA last week. We were looking around for something to do this weekend and i found an article about this. So we decided to go. Apparently, during WWII the town of Berwick, PA made Stuart Tanks. They have put together this event and it was very educational. Lots to see...
  7. mstraw9379

    New job. New places.

    I've come to drink from the well of knowledge. Not about Jeeps, but about locations. I have been looking for a new job for about 6-7 weeks now. My time in NJ is growing very short. I have three locations that are possibilities and I'm looking for information about these areas. Since you guys...
  8. mstraw9379

    First Grandchild

    About 2100 tonight my granddaughter was born. Haven't had a chance to see her yet. Sent from my VS990 using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. mstraw9379

    Slow jeep build in NJ.

    Well, I guess it's time to start a build thread. It will be a very slow one since I don't have much to spare on Jeep parts, but opinions and advice are very welcome (I really have no idea what I'm doing). I paid off my Jeep last week and decided it needed some stuff. So I ordered BARTACT seat...
  10. mstraw9379

    Very Irritated about car dealership

    I found a 2015 Hard Rock for a really good price on an internet site today. It was at a dealer that was about 700 miles from me. I contacted them and got a reply very quickly. In the reply was a link to another internet site. Same price as the first. I start emailing the dealer. Several emails...
  11. mstraw9379

    Brakes hanging up

    On separate occasions I have had two brake calipers not release when they should and keep the brake pads tight to the rotor. The first time it occurred, about a year ago on the rear driver side, I replaced the caliper. Hasn't done it since. Today I noticed it was driving a little sluggish...
  12. mstraw9379

    Your thoughts on purchasing a Jeep

    Over the last six months I have been planning to buy a new 2015 Rubicon Unlimited with only a couple options (hard top and 9 speaker system). Recently I found a 2014 Rubicon Unlimited. No hardtop and a lot of options I wouldn't order, but they are there. The dealer is asking $33,000. The 2014 -...
  13. mstraw9379

    Wave from a Buckeye trapped in NJ

    Hello all. I joined the Jeep community last September. recently stumbled across your forum. Born and raised in Ohio (central). Life and travels have found me living in NJ for the last 6 years. I look forward to immersing myself further in the interesting culture I have discovered in the Jeep...
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