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    Starter Replacement

    I think I'm going to need to replace my starter, it makes a weird noise right after startup that lasts a second. Has anyone changed out their starter? Pretty basic install?

    Self Cleaning Paint

    Wouldn't it be cool if Jeep could come up with something like this? Except for the Get It Muddy guys who naturally like a muddy jeep.

    Central California Trails Are Now Open

    I am glad to announce, the following trails are now opened for the season: Red Mountain OHV area: Red Lake trail West Lake trail Strawberry Lake trail Mirror Lake trail Coyote Lake trail East of Shaver Lake: Bald Mt trail Brewer Lake trail Swamp Lake trail Spanish Lake trail Dusy/Ershim...

    2009 unlimited hardtop for sale Fresno, CA

    I have a used 09 freedom top hardtop for sale, some minor scratches, all hardware included. $1000.00 firm pick-up only

    In Honor Of........

    To raise awareness of the many Fallen or Wounded Soldiers and the Charities who support them and their families I've started this thread. I'm not asking for donations to paint my Jeep, or sponsors to build it, and I'm not trying to sell a trinket, but I am asking my fellow peeps to find it in...

    2013 Central California Trail Conditions, Reports, & Updates

    ***************** UPDATED August 31st ******************** Well Folks it's that time of the year again. Many our popular local trails are on the verge of opening. I will update this thread when new info is made available. Due to drought like conditions this year in the Sierras, I do anticipate...

    Central California's Red & Coyote Lakes Trail

    Had the fortune of running the trail today with a few local peeps. Red Lake and Coyote lake Trails is located in the Sierras east of Fresno, Ca. These trails will be closing for the winter on Nov. 1st. Glad were able to get up there. Due to a storm we had recently, the trail was wet, muddy, with...

    A Sad Day For the Jeep Brand

    I'm not to sure if you can call it a rumor, or if the political silly season has brought these details to light. But here is the news story, judge for yourself. It would be a sad day though, if the ICONIC and LEGENDARY Jeep brand were to ship production overseas. I had read prior, Jeep maybe...

    U-Joint Caps

    This is on me front axle, I had a feeling the cap was rotating so I marked it. Sure enough, the cap is rotating a little, should I be worried about this?
  10. BONDSY

    Central California Trails Opening 2012

    It is my pleasure to announce the following trails have been opened to the public by the USFS as of 6-9-12 If your in the Central California Area (Fresno) or you have plans to travel this way, please check out these trails, and let me know. I may join you.:thumb: Coyote Lake Trail (open) Red...
  11. BONDSY

    K & N Drop-In Air Filters

    Last weekend the trails we ran were very dusty, and it's been awhile since the last time I recharged my filter. Today I took it out, pre-soaked it with the cleaner, rinsed it out and it's drying. I also took the time to clean out the pre-filter are of the box. I then noticed the after-filter...
  12. BONDSY

    Removing the Rancho Oil Pan Skid

    Running TeraFlex long arms now, the tranny pan is exposed to the rocks. I'm used to having the OEM tranny skid, so the other day I ordered the tranny skid from Off-Road Evolution. I know it's a three piece system covering the oil pan, tranny pan, with a connector. I want to order all three...
  13. BONDSY

    Jeep Pulls left

    Increasingly more, my JK is pulling to the left when I release the steering wheel. The front tires are identical in tread ware. My axle is centered dead on from and rear. I think the problem dates back to my coil spacer install. I'm at 5.5" on lift with short arms. I made my front control arms...
  14. BONDSY

    Axle Shaft U-Joint Replacement.

    With 30,000 miles on the clock I figured it was time enough to change out my axle shaft u-joints. While this is not a complete step by step write up here are a couple pics from what we did ourselves. Removing the wheel is easy enough: The axle nut is a PITA to get off. 35mm socket does the...
  15. BONDSY

    A Couple Pics

    Had a fun time playing on Posi Hill, east of Fresno, CA. This is the most I have felt like the Jeep is going to flop in all the times I have wheeled. I had to use a winch line to keep from tipping. I had no issues with traction, it was just off camber big time, and the passenger tire was lifting...
  16. BONDSY

    Modify my Steering

    How difficult would it be to run hiem joints on my steering set up. For the Draglink, I want hiem on both ends, the axle side as well as pitman. And also for the tierod. What would I need or who could i ask about doing this?
  17. BONDSY

    Dynatrac Prosteer Ball Joints Install

    Well shortly after "The Rockin Rubicon 2010" trip, and with less than 15000mi. on the odometer, a slight shimmy in the front end indicated to me some steering issues were beginning to occur. Sure enough after some inspection, I discovered both upper ball joints had failed. So with that being...
  18. BONDSY

    Curries Johnny Joint Bushing Rebuild

    If you have an aftermarket lift kit with adjustable control arms, chance's are great you have Curries Johnny Joints on at least one end. These Joint's are proven tough and durable being among the best on the market. Many companies use these Joint's because of that fact. These Johnny Joints have...
  19. BONDSY

    My 09 Rubicon

    I'll show off my 2009 Rubicon Unlimited.
  20. BONDSY

    Alloy USA Rear Axle Shaft Install

    A big part of being a Jeeper and one that will pay-off big, is learning to do installs yourself. Over the past couple years soon after the initial lift I paid to have installed, I've done my part to research, ask questions, and learn. I often agree with my friend on how we love laying under the...
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