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  1. trailraider

    to modify or not to modify

    It's not that bad, plus I am not one of the ones who neglects washing vehicles.
  2. trailraider

    Smoking Meat -- Tips, Opinions, Recipes

    I had it set to 240 , It stalled out at about 180 for just under 4 hrs, that really worried me, but I pulled out at 225/230 and that was about 3 hrs. I definitely had worries when doing it as I never did one. started it a 10 pm and was off at about 2 pm the next day. rested in the cooler till...
  3. trailraider

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    ya, happened to me the other day. I was just glad I had my paper straw with me when I woke up.
  4. trailraider

    Smoking Meat -- Tips, Opinions, Recipes

    My first brisket attempt . Turned out delicious.
  5. trailraider

    Where'd All the Motor Oil Go??

    We can't order or get any packaged T6 5w40 right now. SMH
  6. trailraider

    2014 Jeep JK Steering Stabilizer

    yep , go back to O.E . I ran an fox one for a bit but it created a pulling sensation from the tension it had. went back to OE . problem solved.
  7. trailraider

    to modify or not to modify

    it's kinda where I am leaning. but I did like my last one I did up.
  8. trailraider

    to modify or not to modify

    Over the years I have had several Jeeps TJ's XJ's JK's and a JL. (most I have modified) I have acquired another XJ . 2000 all stock. Got it for a great deal and it is in great shape. so the question is do I lift and modify ? or leave it stock? I most likely will not be taking it off road ( i...
  9. trailraider

    The BEST "I HATE WAYALIFE" YouTube Video Comments

    I am not sure what has happened to society , but it sure has taken a weird turn.
  10. trailraider

    Shower Thoughts

    shouldn't it really be called "rubbing 1 million out" ?
  11. trailraider

    FOR SALE : Trail Buds 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

    hmmm , I'm not sure about this. it's missing the angry eyes grill and looks like it's been off road. I'm looking for something more family orientated mall crawler type.
  12. trailraider

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Social credit coming? FFS.
  13. trailraider

    Body tape - rear wheel well

    you give Chrysler too much credit. it's probably needed to stop the death wobble. :ROFLMAO:
  14. trailraider

    Stupidest Sh!t I've Heard in a LONG Time - Dealership Blames Royal Purple for Axle Damage

    HEY HEY HEY , this guy is from Hongcouver. Hardly Canada. anything outside Alberta and Saskabush hardly quilifies as Canada. all those other fuckers voted Liberal.
  15. trailraider

    Where'd All the Motor Oil Go??

    Shell notified me they have issues with the additives needed for the oil. Right now they are focusing on bulk oil and not doing packaged. so if you need an oil change you may have to let a shop stocking bulk do it for you. Chrysler has restricted most packaged oil , but bulk we have had no...
  16. trailraider

    400 HP / 450 Torque Hurricane Twin-turbo I-6 is Here

    BAH, thats just recomended. it's like lockers and winches. :ROFLMAO:
  17. trailraider

    Bird in the Garage - How do I Get it Out?

    we have 40 pages of protected birds in Canada , sadly shit hawks and skyrats are on the list.
  18. trailraider

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    AMC eagle
  19. trailraider

    P1524 CODE oil issues

    This just came across from Chrysler's warranty department . spend the extra on an O.E filter people. Aftermarket Oil Filter Use – P1524 Oil Pressure DTC and Lubrication System Fault Codes Canadian Quality Engineering Centre has noticed a trend of aftermarket oil filter failures resulting in...
  20. trailraider

    Shower Thoughts

    can I put a 40" on a stock JK with a dana 30?
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