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    Gladiator Rear Trim Removed.

    Have you removed the trim on the back wall of your Gladiator and not reinstalled it? Alternatively are you working on your truck right now and have the rear panel removed for any reason? I would like a measurement of those oval cutouts across the top of truck tub with a caliper. If you do not...
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    MOPAR LED Fog Light Adjustment.

    How do you do it? This is on a Mopar complete bumper assembly. I did not replace or install the fog lights. They came installed in the bumper from the factory. I searched this forum and google. I mostly found results on how to adjust JK fog lights. I guess there is a hole in the bottom of the...
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    Build Progress Of My Gladiator Rubicon.

    Here is day one: I had a '09 JK that I built and I was happy with it but it had no cargo space even with the back seat removed. It's a Rubicon. A Jeep. A truck. What's not to love? And did I mention IT'S A FREAKING RUBICON?!? Completed mods. - Dog hammock across back seat. - Late addition...
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    Hello. Again.

    Hello all! Located in San Diego, CA. I had a '09 JK 2-Door but recently traded it in on a 21 Gladiator Rubicon. Let the next round of adventures begin. Vern
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