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  1. BlackKnight

    Beware!! - EVO Protek Skid Plates

    Checked mine, and my only issue is a bend where the front Driveshaft comes out from behind. The fold on the edge narrows there and could be explained by that... Had mine for 5 years now and wheeled hard when it's out. Was low crawling on the plates for the first 2 years (33"s and 2-inch lift on...
  2. BlackKnight

    Best ball joints for a 2017 Rubicon on 37's with 50k miles?

    You can also go to the Delete Route. Ball joint delete kits replace them with a set of bearings that are maintainable/repairable and last significantly longer than normal ball joints. They are about twice as expensive as good ball joints, but last significantly longer, and are used also on Rock...
  3. BlackKnight

    Minimum lift for 37”?

    I'm running an EVO Enforcer 4" with Bushwacker Flat Fenders on my JKU with 38"s and don't see any problems and ran it up one of the RTI ramps this past weekend and managed to push the tires all the way up in the wheel wells and almost put the rear wheel on the RTI ramp (pulled a 108" on a...
  4. BlackKnight

    BlackKnight's Commando Build

    Well, The new Tires are on... Along whe LoD Destroyer sliders, and Rubicon Express Adjustable Control Arms (all 8). Went with Milestar Patagonia MTs in 38"x13.5"R17... Looks a whole lot better with tires large enough to fit the wheel wells with the flat fenders... Next up (within the next...
  5. BlackKnight

    Spare Tire Mount

    I'm running the EVO Pro Series Tailgate mount also... (the one with the plate relocated is the Current state)
  6. BlackKnight

    How to treat rust??

    I have my undercarriage hit with NHOU undercoating about every other year. Works great to keep the rust to a minimum here in New England... Note, NHOU is short for NewHampshire Oil Undercoat, It's a company that makes a petroleum product that is applied to the undercarriage and can be injected...
  7. BlackKnight

    Cracked oil filter housing?

    I checked around everywhere for one a little while back. I remember seeing it once, lost the link to it and I haven't found it mentioned on any sites since...
  8. BlackKnight

    Fox rear reservoir location

    had to go Outboard and up, because of exhaust clearance.
  9. BlackKnight

    Trigger S-Pod light when Jeep is in reverse?

    Directly into the Tail Light wiring would have been my choice as well...
  10. BlackKnight

    Looking for tough frame mounted sliders.

    I have the LoD Destroyers on my JKU. They are Hella strong...
  11. BlackKnight

    What Not to do, and the plan moving forward

    Yes, nothing at all wrong with the rims. Just clean them well and your good.
  12. BlackKnight

    What Not to do, and the plan moving forward

    Oh, and the E-Brake is a separate braking device (thankfully) and is located inside the rear brake rotors (it's actually a lot like a mini drum brake inside the rotor for the main disk brake). Please don't try to drive it anywhere only using that brake Have it towed. It's not designed for...
  13. BlackKnight

    What Not to do, and the plan moving forward

    Oh, and before I forget: Where you live shouldn't dictate how often you do your maintenance. if it does, go to the local mechanic or even the dealership. And if you don't like paying to have it done, and don't want to do it yourself, I'd get rid of your Jeep and get something different. Jeeps...
  14. BlackKnight

    What Not to do, and the plan moving forward

    Looks like a rotor that had been ridden on pads worn to bare metal (and then likely on the caliper's piston after the Pad shot out when it was the thickness of tinfoil). The Rotor looks completely worn/metal on metal contact. How often do you check/change your pads? Riding on nonexistent pads...
  15. BlackKnight

    Suspension System advice

    If you are thinking of going 40"s at one point Just go directly to them, Else your paying double for what you want to get to.
  16. BlackKnight

    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

    Keeps the bugs out of his mouth I guess LOL...
  17. BlackKnight

    Detailing your jeep

    People Wash their Jeeps? I thought that was just a Rumor... LOL Just Kidding... Considering the investment I probably don't wash it often enough. though I did hear recently that Armorall Wash with Ceramic does a fantastic job...
  18. BlackKnight

    PCM Replacement

    Are PCMs and ECUs Different components? if not, replacing the PCM should take 20 minutes tops. I'm not sure the location on a '07, but on my '13 it is right in the open and only has a couple of bolts and two cable packs.
  19. BlackKnight

    Anyone self quarantined? AKA - the 2020 SH!T SHOW

    Nope. Caucasian, Mom's side is Welsh, Dad's side is French Canadien. 5th generation American. (Pic from when my Jeep was still a Baby... A lot different now).
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