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  1. hbkid22

    Jeep for Sale -

    I know this is for active members only (and I have been fairly quiet for a bit) but thought I would throw this out there. If it needs to be removed by all means take it down. I am just not able to keep this as my daily driver right now due to family demands and need to get a 4dr vehicle. Would...
  2. hbkid22

    Hbkid - "RHINO"

    Sad sight. And yes I have been quiet lately. Nothing new to report but hope to get my skins installed soon.
  3. hbkid22

    Car Seat...2dr JK

    For those of you with a 2dr JK: What forward car seat do you have that is small enough to fit in the back without moving the front seat all the way forward and is solid? My little guy just grew out of the rear facing and it was becoming a pain to put him in it so now need to get a forward...
  4. hbkid22


    Would love to make the jeep safer for the family on outings! Soon the little man will be going with me and just the extra peace of mind will be nice.....:beer:
  5. hbkid22

    SPOTTED: Any 4X4 other than a Jeep JK/JL Wrangler

    Ran across this the other day. Yes I know bad pic but pretty sweet.
  6. hbkid22

    American Flag

    I use forever way on my CB antenna. They have options for the roll bars as well.
  7. hbkid22

    Tire patch

    Here is a quick pic. Not sure if it will help as you cannot see where it's coming through on the inside. Was thinking about just plugging it and keeping it for a spare if another blows so I can at least get home.
  8. hbkid22

    Tire patch

    So I recently found out I had a screw in my tire. Took it in to get patched however the shop said they won't do it since its to close to the curve of the tire on the inside and patches need a flat surface to lay on. Is that true? Didn't get a pic of it but on the outside its in the tire tread.
  9. hbkid22

    Engine cleaning

    How do you all clean your engine compartment?
  10. hbkid22

    Hbkid - "RHINO"

    Haven't been able to install the skins however finally took RHINO out for a true testing. Went to Moab and ran Fins n Things. Will post up some pics later but wanted to put these on for now. Would you say I need new bump stops or is this normal under full flex?
  11. hbkid22

    Moab - 1st trip

    I am looking to head down to Moab Oct 24 with a couple buddies. Have never been and would like to hear everyone's thoughts about where to go, where to eat, where to camp, etc. We are planning on camping Friday and Saturday. Where are some good places that allow fire and dogs? Thanks.
  12. hbkid22

    Electrical Help -

    So I cannot figure out why my left rear driver brake and turn signal do not work....I have replaced the bulbs and replaced the multi-function switch. Could it be an issue with the fuse, ground or even a harness? Also, I have the same thing with my fog lights. They are after market and came on...
  13. hbkid22

    Hbkid - "RHINO"

    Ordered some EVO skins and cannot install them with the rear number on as the tire swing hinge gets in the way.....So decided to remove it to install the corners but ran out of time to fit the corners. Not a huge fan of no rear bumper but it is growing on me. I know I have been slow but hope...
  14. hbkid22

    Offroad Evolution shop thread!

    So working on the rock skins. Is a gap typical where the antenna mount is?
  15. hbkid22

    2015 JK Sport 2 Door

    35s minimum for sure.....
  16. hbkid22

    Hbkid - "RHINO"

    Now I just need to find time to install these! :)
  17. hbkid22

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Some new goodies. Rear rock skins.
  18. hbkid22

    Timing Chain

    How can you tell if you timing chain is stretched and if it needs to be replaced? I do have a winding sound in my engine at times but it runs great. I have a 2009 Sport JK....
  19. hbkid22

    WIN NEW WAYALIFE Shot Glasses & Visit Our NEW Online Store!!

    Like the new design....Do you and Cindy come up with the designs yourself?
  20. hbkid22

    Cool Jeeps you've parked by

    Got to park next to these machines! (Technically I parked in the street)
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