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  1. sparkymoffett

    Jeep on the news

    check out the :19 second mark... hahahahahaha
  2. sparkymoffett

    A special place in hell for thieves

    Went to a concert last night at Red Rocks here in Denver. Came back to find my assault pack missing from my front floor board. I carry this thing EVERYWHERE. In it were; gym clothes, ditty bag for showers, bluetooth headphones, my Yeti coffee mug, SOG pocket knife, several caribeeners, and my...
  3. sparkymoffett

    Vengeance JK now

    anybody seen or heard anything about the Vengeance JK? I absolutely love that jeep and just curious, like a bad VH1 special, "where are they now?"
  4. sparkymoffett

    Bilsteins valved for other vehicles.

    At a bar last night. Chatting with some jeep folks. One dude says that his rides like a cadillac with Bilstein 5100's on it. I've had a set and it wasn't caddy-like. He states that he got the ones for the rear of a Ford Raptor. An adaptor was used to mount a rear shock in the front. Took a quick...
  5. sparkymoffett

    Rainbow Falls/Moab Hill in Colorado 3/28/15

    AnvilJk, and Chris, and myself ventured down south for the day to ride some trails. It was a fun easy trail that had this spot called Moab Hill. Multiple lines of shelves and steps to play on. Could see Pikes Peak from the top of it. Tore the boot on my front drive shaft AGAIN. Time to upgrade...
  6. sparkymoffett

    Campsite reserved!!!! MOAB here I come

    Reserved a spot at the Slickrock Campground for April 17-19. First time there. The time can not go by fast enough! Any one else going to be there around that time? It's going to be me and AnvilJK rolling out from Colorado.
  7. sparkymoffett

    Hood circle

    Anyone else's hood do this? I'm not worried about it. Just think it's odd. There's a circular spot that is hotter than the rest of the hood. When it snows, it's the first spot that melts. Here you can see that after driving last night, this morning's frost wouldn't cover it. Again, not worried...
  8. sparkymoffett

    Evans Coolant...anyone used it??

    Coworker was telling me today about Evans Coolant. He uses it in his little Neon that has almost 300k on the odometer. No water in the coolant means no corrosion and no overheating... supposedly. I haven't tried it yet. Just curious if anyone on here has and what their thoughts were. Thanks!
  9. sparkymoffett

    Thunk Thunk Thunk

    So my ride is at Trail Jeeps for an engine swap. (just 3.8 to 3.8) So I tell Weston, "hey man, last time i was in 4h, I heard this "thunk" sound." Well here's the culprit. Driveshaft added to the bill! I'm so glad i can trust these guys!
  10. sparkymoffett

    JKX requirements = my empty wallet will be even emptier(?)

    Reading over the requirements for the JKX, I decided to do some virtual shopping. Listing out all the things I would need to meet the req's. WOW!!! I've got some saving/spending to do!! So far i'm at about 15k$ needed to get to ready. lockers, new front d44 so i can rock beads and 37's, cage...
  11. sparkymoffett

    Colorado plane crash trail 11/1/14

    Went out with some buddies and ran the T33A plane crash trail. Was fun, not too hard. Great weather and crazy seeing a plane wreckage from the 60's. **Mine is the only green one.
  12. sparkymoffett

    Good buddy needs noise help. Guys and gals. Got a buddy here in Colorado who needs help. (hopefully the video above works.) anyway, just done with his break-in period for new gears. While waiting, he installed new Synergy ball joints. After about 2 days, he gets a weird...
  13. sparkymoffett

    Anyone with experience with ORO hop-stopper?

    Just found this nifty looking device while looking at LED tail lights. anybody have experience with it? good/bad/ugly? Thanks!
  14. sparkymoffett

    Antirock torsion bar coating

    Has anyone coated their torsion bar on the AntiRock? If so, what did you use? Mine came with the black steel arms but the bar itself is bare. Thinking of something like POR15.
  15. sparkymoffett

    EVO question

    Is this considered the EVOlever? Toying with the idea of long arm instead of coilover. There's a "long arm upgrade for the EVOlever" but, when I search on EVO's site, the first thing that pops up is this Double D kit. Thanks!
  16. sparkymoffett

    Sparky's girl JESSE

    As most folks, I'm of course on a budget. Had this 07 for a year now and finally have started doing things to her. When I got her. Already had a 2 or 2.5 in lift on her. Some aftermarket rims and 33's. Now she has; Bilstein 5160's, Currie front AntiRock, (rear one coming very soon), Bestop NX...
  17. sparkymoffett

    Currie AntiRock and how it works

    So I upgraded about a month ago from standard front sway bar to the AntiRock. I actually don't mind the body roll on the highway on ramps. It keeps me awake. However, when looking at a picture from this weekend, it seems to me that it's not doing what it's supposed to do. Or maybe i'm smoking...
  18. sparkymoffett

    Howdy from Colorado

    Hey guys and gals. Big fan of WAL but first time being on here. I just met Weston from Trail Jeeps a few weeks ago at his shop. Super cool dude and I'm very jealous that he went on the JKX. Anyways. I've had my 07 JKU for a year now. 150K miles. A few upgrades but, slowly getting there. Former...
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