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  1. Seahawkfan

    Rear Driveshaft Question

    Looking at my rear DS, the slip yoke (if that's what it's called) does not appear to be slipping in or out. Isn't it supposed to slide in and out during flex? Probably have about 4in lift with the EVO long arms. No sign of anything rubbing or hitting anywhere. Just thought I should see a little...
  2. Seahawkfan

    Chirping sound

    So went out to Yucca / Joshua Tree yesterday and noticed when I got off the trail, I had pretty noticeable rotational chirping sound (like something was dry) coming from somewhere. I recently lubed everything that had a fitting. It's definitely rotational, stops when Jeep stops. Yesterday's...
  3. Seahawkfan

    High Clearance Long Arms

    Was crawling around under my Jeep tonight just checking things out. I noticed my Long Arm brackets don't seem to be ....... I'll let one you long arm guys tell me if this looks like yours do you see what I see? This first set will the front lower frame side, both right and left. To give...
  4. Seahawkfan

    2020 Rubicon Gladiator For Sale!!! $52,000 (for a friend)

    A buddy of mine is looking to part with his Gladiator. Please forgive the wheels.. He was on the east coast when he made that decision. JT has dealer installed 3.5 Mopar lift with the Fox shocks. Those are 35 Toyo Open country on the pimp'n 20" Fuels. Mopar Hard Bed cover, Bed lined and...
  5. Seahawkfan

    Does this look right?

    Getting a small leak Evap code P0456. Had work done to the jeep and they had to remove the fuel tank to do the work. So I'm a little suspicious of the timing of this CEL. Crawled around under there the other day and pushed on all the connecters, to make sure they were seated properly. I saw...
  6. Seahawkfan

    For Sale: 2007-2017 JK LOD Signature Series Mid-Width w/Skid Plate

    $600 OBO For Sale: 2007-2017 JK LOD Signature Series Mid-Width w/Skid Plate SoCal area would be best. Willing to meet you half way if not to far. Bumper is in perfect condition. Will leave driving lights in place.
  7. Seahawkfan

    All (good) things must come to an end...

    Really didn't know where to post this so figured why not another Wave. Well after 13 1/2 years over here I finally got the word I'm heading home. Came over for 1 year and got a 12 1/2 year bonus. Kind of bitter sweet. Nervous and excited at the same time. Looking forward to getting out in...
  8. Seahawkfan

    EVO ProTek Question

    Already have the EVO ProTek skid (4 piece) for a 2007-2011 without Long Arms. Recently ordered EVO-1200 HC / LA's. Question is will I only need to replace the trans crossmember skid ?? If this is the case I will be selling the trans crossmember skid (it is year specific 2007-2011 and without...
  9. Seahawkfan

    Rear Drive Shaft Advice

    Soon (or one of these days) I will be installing my EVO Bolt-on CO's. I have decided to finally match the front J.E Reel 1350 by adding one to the rear. First. Description says 4.5 or more lift DS should be measured and ordered to fit. I plan on keeping it as low as possible. I would like to be...
  10. Seahawkfan

    Re-Gear ??

    I ran into post a guy made about re-gearing. He stated he only had time to do the rear at that time. But then went out and drove it and it did all he had hoped for.. One of which was it increased his rpm's from 2000 to 2400 at cruising speed. So question. I thought you had to rear gear both...
  11. Seahawkfan

    Mapping N. California through Oregon to Washington advice..

    Years ago I read a story about driving pretty much all off-road from Northern California through (the off-road part) Oregon to Washington. Something like 900 miles. Can't seem to find any info now. Any suggestions on how to map a trip like this? When I eventually come home for good I plan on...
  12. Seahawkfan

    Hard To Keep Clean GREEN-Natural Green Pearlcoat

    Have yet to find the Natural Green Pearlcoat thread , so better 9 years late than never. Harder than I thought to find a photo that actually shows the green.:cool:
  13. Seahawkfan

    JK Dana Spicer Walker Evans Performance Adjustable Shocks ???

    Anyone have any incite on these Dana Spicer (Walker Evans). Thanks
  14. Seahawkfan

    Do you have cube light or side view mirror whislte? Or any other??

    To start with. When I was totally stock I noticed an annoying whistle coming from the side mirrors.(With hard top) Since then I have added soft top, A pillar cube lights. Started noticing more whistle. My cube lights have like a louvered fin design on the backside. Removed cubes and put my 4"...
  15. Seahawkfan

    200K Gladiator

    For those you with 200K sitting around,
  16. Seahawkfan

    LOD Signature Series Mid-Width Feeler

    Looking to change things up. Just purchased the Nemesis fender flares and don't think the LOD Mid-Width bumper would look right sticking out. I'm liking the FMF Pinnacle. Wondering if anybody was interested in a damn near perfect condition LOD Signature Series Mid-Width w/ lower skid plate. The...
  17. Seahawkfan

    12.50 or 13.50 ??

    Well I waited to long. Cooper STT PRO 37X12.50 just jumped up about $120 ea where I was looking to buy, Now $389.00 And Amazon shows only 4 left at $265 ea. So my question 13.50 is there any pros or cons comparing the two. I can still get the 13.50's for $260. Going to be running Machetes w/3.5...
  18. Seahawkfan

    Jeep Gladiator Hercules Performance Version In The Works?

    Hemi powered JT ??? EDIT: Sorry about that WJCO thought I clipped enough out of the photo. Also sorry about all the references in the article too.. Wasn't 100% on posting it..
  19. Seahawkfan

    Finally pulled the trigger on some XD229 Machetes!! TMPS?

    Well after seeing the price jump to $561.00 for the XD229 Machetes on an unnamed site, I got a little nervous so jumped on the sweet deal over at ORE buy 4 get the 5th free. In Black. I'll pick them on my way home on the 7th of Feb. My question is, I don't want to break down my old wheels to get...
  20. Seahawkfan

    Hill Descent Control ??

    Not sure if this has been covered.? Or maybe just a stupid question. Do you guy's use the hill descent control? If so in what situations? (other than going down a hill):thinking:
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