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  1. nmwranglerx

    Fair price?

    I thinking of picking up a lightly used Mopar metal front bumper with skid plate for my new JTR which came with the standard plastic front bumper. What would you say is a fair price for one? $500?
  2. nmwranglerx

    Parking light not working--looking for electrical diagnosis advice

    My wife noticed that the parking light on my driver's rear tail light wasn't working while we were out camping last week. I put a new bulb in today and it still doesn't work (tested the new bulb in the passenger side tail light). The brake light, reverse, and turn all work, it just doesn't...
  3. nmwranglerx

    1952 m100 Jeep Trailer build

    I picked up a 1952 M100 Jeep trailer a few weekends ago and decided to make a thread devoted to converting it to an overlanding/camping trailer. Overall thing is in pretty good shape despite it’s age. My plan is to turn it into a camping rig for now ( I hate packing and unpacking the Jeep every...
  4. nmwranglerx

    Seeking advice on military trailer purchase

    Thinking of purchasing this '52 military pintel trailer. I would like to use it for some extended camping trips, nothing too wild off road but I don't know much at all about these trailers. What do you think a fair price would be? I looked up some prices on the internet and they seem all over...
  5. nmwranglerx

    Anyone self quarantined? AKA - the 2020 SH!T SHOW

    My wife bought me tickets to see Billy Idol in Vegas a few months ago. The concert is this Saturday and her boss is giving her shit about us flying to Vegas and going to the show due to Coronavirus. He says she might have to stay home for two weeks upon return. Anyone else running into this at...
  6. nmwranglerx

    Mygig 730n RHR head unit

    Thinking of selling my 730n factory stereo. I’ve had it for about three years and it came out of a 2014 JKUR. Has the uconnect built in, Bluetooth, navigation, and satellite. Hard drive stores lots of songs. There’s nothing wrong with the stereo, I’m wanting a stereo with Apple CarPlay instead...
  7. nmwranglerx

    Deal or no deal?

    They’re are a lot of good deals right now on lightly used JLUs in my neck of the woods and it’s got me itching to get out of the 3.8 4 speed to the 8 speed auto. There’s one JLU in particular that has only 7k miles and going for 31K. Car fax is clean and it’s for sale at a reputable Jeep...
  8. nmwranglerx

    Question for Cooper SST Pro tire owners

    I’m thinking about ordering some new tires and I’m leaning towards BFG KM3s or Cooper SST pros. My biggest gripe about my KM2s is that the lugs get lots chunks taken out from playing on the rocks. I don’t know if the KM3s would do the same, but I’m guessing yes. I’m wondering if Cooper tire...
  9. nmwranglerx

    Melted power plug on ARB compressor

    Noticed this the other day when I had to disconnect the power plugs to my ARB single air compressor. Female connection looks fine but the male part is definitely melted. A quick internet search using “ARB melted power connections” showed I’m not the only one to have this happen. I’m wondering...
  10. nmwranglerx

    Seized control arm advice needed

    I’m seeking advice as to how to unseize my rear lower control arms. They’re EVO adjustable control arms from their double duty long arm lift. The adjusters are completely seized and have been for some time. I’ve soaked them with PB blaster and tried a very large pipe wrench but can’t get them to...
  11. nmwranglerx

    Having a blast in Moab

    Steel Bender yesterday. Shot from Moab Rim this morning. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  12. nmwranglerx

    Adams 1350 front ds question

    I installed an Adams 1350 driveshaft a year or so back to go along with my PR44 and noticed from the beginning there was extremely tight fit between my t-case lever (on the t-case) and the yoke that I received from Adams. Every once it a while the yoke edge rubs against the t-case shifter lever...
  13. nmwranglerx

    Axle shaft install help needed

    I purchased some Ten Factory axle shafts to replace my current shafts on my Rubi rear axle. I purchased a set with bearings already pressed on for ease of install, or so I thought. I went to install today and ran into trouble on the drivers side. I used Eddie's awesome write up to remove the old...
  14. nmwranglerx

    Wanted: Rubicon rear axle shaft (driver side)

    Anyone got a spare in good condition they want to get rid of? Looking for one to use until I get enough money to buy a new set of chromoly shafts. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. nmwranglerx

    Rear Axle shaft play

    I've recently been hearing an intermittent knocking sound coming from the rear of the jeep. I finally had some time yesterday to try and diagnose the issue. What I found was the the axle shaft on my driver rear side moves in and out even though the retainer bolts are totally tight. Any idea why...
  16. nmwranglerx

    Squeaky endlinks, what's the cure

    I love my EVO endlinks but they squeak on the trail and it drives me crazy. I've tried hitting them with some white lithium grease and WD-40 but that only works temporarily. They only seem to squeak on the trails. Anyone else have this issue? How did you fix it? Edit: whoops, looks like I...
  17. nmwranglerx

    Jeep FC170 (150?) Spotted

    Saw this very cool Jeep in the parking lot of our local nursery. I hadn't seen one of these before. This one was in really great shape. Thought I'd share:
  18. nmwranglerx

    Jeep Wrangler Chief Edition

    While I was waiting for an oil change at the dealership I spotted this. I wasn't a huge fan of the color at first but I think it looks pretty cool in person. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  19. nmwranglerx

    Crown or OEM exhaust manifold replacement for 3.8L?

    Crown is about $70 and OEM is $160. Anyone replace theirs with the Crown? If so, how's it holding up? I already took the old manifold off yesterday, just wondering about what to replace with. I'm sticking with OEM style replacement btw (no RIPP long headers, Gibson, etc). I"m wondering about...
  20. nmwranglerx

    EVO no limits on demand

    Who's running the EVO no limits on demand swaybar disconnect and how did you set it up? I'm toying with the idea of running this but I'm looking for ideas to set it up. I currently run the manual EVO no limits set up and it works well. I have push button Rubicon envy however so I'm considering...
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