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  1. HighwayTrout

    FS: Gladiator soft top

    Are you interested in a soft top for your Jeep Gladiator? Worried about cheap knock offs? Concerned over the price for a factory soft top? Fret not my friends. I have thee perfect solution to your hard top only equipped Gladiator. A perfect condition, used one time, factory soft top including...
  2. HighwayTrout

    Disabling horn beeps.

    Does anyone know how to disable the horn when locking, unlocking, starting via the key fob remote?
  3. HighwayTrout

    Mostly free, Trout’s garage clean out

    I’ll continue to add stuff as it pops up. If anything catches your fancy. Post a picture of your Jeep with a Wayalife windshield banner and shoot me a pm or post here.
  4. HighwayTrout

    Thoughts on Chevrolet’s ZR2 pick up.

    Anyone else excited to FINALLY see something like this come to the U.S.? If anything else it will be a direct competitor to the Jeep truck which is a good thing. Hopefully these off road capable mid size trucks catch on. Toyota has pretty much owned this market and it’s nice to see some...
  5. HighwayTrout

    Almost bought a JL today.

    Then realized they have a stupid mark up. These things are sooo nice. I had to pry my wife away. She was ready to drive it home. Not sure I can wait for the diesel now that we checked out a JL in person. Anyway. Like always the few pictures I took are shitty. lol . . .
  6. HighwayTrout

    *FREE* Drake hood latches

    Free to a Wayalife home is a pair of Drake hood latches. These are in used condition but are still functional. Drake hood latches are made in China with sub par materials. These are ready to bolt on and go with new and used hardware. . Lurkers, trolls, non-active, scallywag members need not...
  7. HighwayTrout

    "Started by"

    Is anyone else having problems trying to search threads using the "started by" tab? Using the app on an iPhone...
  8. HighwayTrout

    HighwayTrout's build

    I guess I will finally do one of these build threads. First off. It will be boring. It won't be quick. It will most likely go off topic more than on. So join in on the fun! lol I'm sorta new to the Jeep world. And tearing into a new JK was intimidating. Here it is the day we picked it up...
  9. HighwayTrout

    Installing King Bump stops.

    When installing your bump stops was a spanner wrench included or how did you tighten the nuts? They are hand tight only at this point and I'm stalled out on going further till I get a spanner or figure out how to tighten these up. . .
  10. HighwayTrout

    FML nothing is working.

    Anyone else have problems viewing pictures? Usually it's just a couple pictures per thread that has a broken link. Lately it's getting worse and now this app is pretty much useless. Having trouble replying to threads and it crashes constantly. Deleted a few times, logged out logged back in...
  11. HighwayTrout

    Hiking. Day, Thru, Section, Ultralight to Traditional

    Day hikes to months long treks. Cuben fiber to cotton mesh. Diehards to weekend warriors.... Would like to see the places you've been and hear about the gear you use.
  12. HighwayTrout

    Pics in a PM

    Is there a way to add pictures in a private message? Via iPhone... If that matters
  13. HighwayTrout

    El Paso Mountains December 2014

    **bare with me, doing this via iphone* So this morning the wife and I loaded up our daughter and we were headed to Ventura for Chopperfest. Well we got to the 14 and said screw that lets go do Last Chance Canyon instead. So we headed north a few miles and before long we were at the trail...
  14. HighwayTrout

    ARB Fridge/Freezer

    I'm looking to take advantage of ARB's rebate offer right now and picking up a fridge. So anyway. I'm curious as to what size most folks are running in their JK's. Where is it mounted and things you like/dislike about your setup. Any power issues running off the auxiliary plug in the back or...
  15. HighwayTrout

    Lets see your work shop or garage

    As the title suggests, lets see em. I'm trying to gather as many ideas and hints as I possibly can. I want to build a 40x60x16 work shop. I was originally planning on a metal building but the prices are outrages. I know I can frame a stick shop and save some coin doing it myself, so that's the...
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