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    Jeep Storage Locations & Ideas

    I was wondering if anyone here has stored their Jeep for a few weeks or months near a trail destination, for example Moab or the Rubicon? Maybe a vehicle storage facility with a battery tender? Since I live on the opposite side of the country being able to store my Jeep in the west for a few...

    Speedy Cracker

    Estimated ship date of 22 July 2022

    Supply Chain issues and Bidenflation

    Last night we stopped at a Wallyworld located in Northern Virginia to buy some items to smoke. This is what we encountered in the meat department. We also saw bare shelves in several other departments. This Wallyworld is located in a smaller town 60 miles away from the Swamp and is usually...

    Bantam Jeep Festival

    This weekend we took the Gladiator to the Bantam Jeep festival near Butler, PA. It’s about five hours from the house. We last attended four years ago. The trails are short, tight, and muddy. Don’t go if you hate mud! There is a ‘Playground’ area and vendors. There is a small museum showing...

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    Happy Memorial Day weekend

    Diesel filler neck adapter

    So during the holidays we are driving our diesel Gladiator home from Tennessee and we stopped to fuel up at an Exxon off the interstate. It was the only station at the exit. When I went to put the nozzle in it would not deactivate the door or flap that is installed on the Gladiator. I was...

    F-Cracker the Gladiator build

    As you may know we bought a Gladiator Rubicon this summer but we haven’t had a chance to make many mods to it yet. The factory stats for the vehicle are listed below. Due to the Fire Cracker Red color we decided to call it Fire Cracker or F-Cracker for short. I’d like to get a custom plate...

    Recommend a shop for anodizing in Virginia?

    Can anyone recommend a Virginia anodizing shop? A shop located in the northern half of the state would be best, however I am willing to drive if needed. Specifically I need to anodize a set of EVO bumpers for the JT. Thanks!!

    Overland = Car Camping

    Last weekend we went to the Overland Expo East. When I was growing up we called it ’Car Camping’ however it has evolved and has a new name. There is definitely all kinds of cool gear being made now. In addition to the cool stuff we saw, the ‘Brew Ridge Trail’ is near by. This consists of...

    JK take off parts for sale- CORRECTION!

    ALRIGHT, I AM A DUMB-ASS!! My humble apologies to Baddestcross and EVO. The front coilovers are actually REAR coilovers!! 😳. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I guess I need to Improve my active listening skills! I am now putting the REAR coilovers up for sale. I will also throw in the front shock towers and...

    Programmer recommendations for 2021 JT Diesel

    I’m looking for a programmer for the wife’s 2021 JT diesel. If you have experience (good or bad) with any of the devices on the market please post up. BTW- This is going to be her Christmas gift so don’t tell her. 😉 Here are some of the primary features I am looking for. Anything...

    Mo-Tech LT1: Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge Option? Dual or single?

    So I was planning a 6.4 Hemi swap for my 2009 JKU, however after some research I’m looking at going with a Mo-Tech Gen 5 LT1 swap. One of the options is an Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge which makes sense, however should I get the dual or single gauge set up? Also, Camaro fan or JL fan...

    Just ordered a Gladiator!!!

    So I just ordered a Gladiator for my wife... 😉 After spending some time riding in a friend’s diesel Gladiator during EJS, I was really impressed with the Jeep and thought it would make a great vehicle for long range road trips. It drives great on the road and is very capable off road despite...

    Custom length cylinder hoses?

    Is it possible to order some longer hoses from PSC for my Big Bore Hydro assist? I need the hoses that connect the cylinder to the steering box. Thank you

    Track bar recommendations

    I have the XD60/PR80 combo on my 2009 JKU, any recommendations on front and rear track bars? Are there some designs that have a better bend for differential clearance than others? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

    AZVAJKU Build

    To set the stage for my build thread I need to explain how I got to where I am now. My current Jeep actually started out as a 2008 JK. After selling my CJ5 that I owned for 23 years, I bought what I thought was the logical replacement. In late 2007 I bought a 2008 model year 2-door, manual...

    Jeep wave from VA

    Jeep wave from VA. I have been a Jeep driver for over 35 years and have owned a 1950 Willys, 1978 Cherokee Chief, 1978 CJ5, and a 2008 JK. My current rig is a 2009 JKU and I am in the process of upgrading it. The update includes installing a DynaTrac XD60/80 axle set, JE Reel 1410/1350...
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