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  1. Mike Pierson

    Rattles during acceleration

    Hey folks, 2021 JLUR, 3.6L, 8spd, 5.13, 37s A few weeks ago I started to notice a rattle during accelerating while shifting through 3rd and fourth. It occurs during light acceleration and under load, especially when climbing even the smallest of hills. It’s like one heavy rattle with a few...
  2. Mike Pierson

    Anti-lock brakes pulsing in 4 Low?

    Hey all, I have a question about the four wheel drive system on my JLUR. When I’m in 4 low and slowly crawling through mogul-like obstacles, where the axles get crossed up, I hear a grinding noise and feel hesitation at the wheels. I know I’m not rubbing anywhere because it’s done this since...
  3. Mike Pierson

    Adding spring spacers to existing lift

    Hey all, As discussed in my build page, I made a mistake with my lift. I have a ‘21 JLUR with a 2.5” AEV lift and my new 37” STT Pros/KMC machetes rub at full flex. I plan on chopping the fenders and ultimately getting a taller and better lift but I think that I need better rock sliders first...
  4. Mike Pierson

    The un-named

    So here’s my 2021 JLUR. Haven’t named it yet because I just can’t decide on a good one. Had it for over a year and have made a few mistakes in my build; learning at my own expense. Bought the wrong wheels, tires, lift and a FrontRunner rack (trash). Been loving this Jeep though and it’s...
  5. Mike Pierson

    Method Racing bead-grip wheels

    Hey all, anyone have any experience with method racing’s trail series wheels with their bead-grip technology? Supposed to be difficult to unbead down to 10psi. Thinking of getting a set of the 701s in lieu of beadlocks...
  6. Mike Pierson


    Hello everyone! I’ve been an Eddie and Cindy fan on YouTube for a couple months now... loving every minute of it. I thought it was time to join the wayalife websites too. See you in the forums! Mike
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