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  1. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    1-1.5 hours. Install instructions are not that great so had to reference YouTube videos for the proper pin locations
  2. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Mopar switch panel installed. Worst part of the job was all the connectors and repinning everything. Hate doing it on customers cars and hate it even more doing it on my own lol also talked with Jeremy at disciple Offroad and he has a set of, basically new, take of LoD sliders a customer is...
  3. cozdude

    Project ACCUAIR

    Adjustments for towing a heavy load?
  4. cozdude

    Brake Booster Fail

    Lol some of the bigger box trucks don’t have an option to do an abs bleed thru the computer so it has to be done manually
  5. cozdude

    Brake Booster Fail

    You can trigger your own abs bleed while driving. I do it at work in the bigger trucks. I will hit around 40-50mph then slam on the brakes in a grass section just off the road. It will cause the abs pump to activate and bleed to unit. Do that a few times then rebleed the system at each of the...
  6. cozdude

    Does disabling Auto Start Stop fail inspections? (NY)

    Auto stop is an emissions related device and not every vehicle on the market has it which means your can’t fail for something that isn’t standardized. Just like the cylinder deactivation GM has been using for years, you can’t fail it for not working since not every GM vehicle or every brand has it
  7. cozdude

    Incoming ring volume unbearable

    There is two different volume settings. One for music and one for phone. Recommend making a phone call and adjusting the volume as it’s ringing
  8. cozdude

    Lift kits..

    Yup, average price for my area outside Philly is $165 and we are at $175/hr. $195 for medium duty work
  9. cozdude

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Happy birthday Cindy!!!
  10. cozdude

    Jl Rubicon diesel

    Sadly a recall issued with no fix is very common. There was a GM recall that was open for about 3 years that parts just became available last year.
  11. cozdude

    Lift kits..

    There is a few independent shops around my dealer that are priced only $10 less than us…
  12. cozdude

    VIDEO : ACCUAIR Air Suspension System Questions Answered

    Really is a neat lift for the adjustability in it. So will the rear auto level if you have a few hundred pounds in the bed or say a trailer on the hitch to stay flat?
  13. cozdude

    Jeep JL 3.6 Engine Whine After Serpentine Belt Replacement

    Just check all your idler pulleys as well.
  14. cozdude

    Front suspension popping noise

    Chassis ears are a life saver for me at work. Have helped me diag many suspension and even drivetrain related noises what were not very obvious due to all the road noise
  15. cozdude

    What was done to your rig this week?

    P0128 is usually thermostat related from my experience and not sensor related. Hopefully I’m wrong tho and this solves your issue
  16. cozdude

    Question for Mr. Wayalife (or anyone) re. JL Tailgate capacity and spare tires

    You can fit a 35 on the stock carrier w/ 4.75bs wheel and have it resting on the rear bumper for extra support and on the tire isolators like it should be. Did this on a friends Jeep. She doesn’t off road but PA roads are kinda shit so it’s kinda like driving In the desert 😂😂
  17. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Now just need to do this PITA (from what I’m told) install so I can wire up the arb and future cb
  18. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Air compressor stuff is in! ACM, arb single, and adjoining stuff. Need to run to Home Depot and get some small metal pieces to make brackets like jeepfan did going to pick up my mopar switch panel today hopefully.
  19. cozdude

    VIDEO : BEST Way to Start the NEW YEAR - NYKOR 2023

    Awesome video!! Fun was surely had by all! The drone shots are great. Also stealing the poker run idea was a great addition as well to make sure people got shuffled around a bit within the group
  20. cozdude

    My first mod to my 4xe, kinda proud of myself.

    You have earned 2 beers for the amount of time it took
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