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    Bent cage what to do?

    Sorry guys I have no Idea how to rotate the pictures. But It's pretty well bent. Thinking all new cage cause it's that bent. What do you guys say and hey happy holidays.
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    Drive Shaft Pro Rock 44 Possible problems.

    Well I just installed my PR44 and I noticed my drive shaft seems a little long on full droop with a EVO 3 inch lift and 4 inch rancho shocks. But when I compressed the shocks the drive shaft would fit. The jeep is a 08 and maybe the slip in she shift needs to be worked in. I don't know. So what...
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    Weld Pumpkin to Tubes?

    Just dropped of my rear dana 44 into the shop to have 5.13, arb 35 spline and 35 spline shaves installed. The guy suggested to weld the pumpkin to the tubes for 150 ? worth it?
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    Are evo King 2.0 spec worth it?

    1.I'm trorn to spend so much on shocks but they seem to be future proof. Will be pairing them with Evo Plush springs. 3 at the monument but possibly to 4 inches 2. Has anyone rebuilt them on there own? 3. I do live in Midwest
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    Shock Body Mount Broke or Fixable

    As the title explains how can I fix it or is it trash. I talked to Rancho and they said I can't get the part threw them. They are 9000XL
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    Fox Mopar Shocks #77072357

    I found a set of brand new shocks for a steel 175.00 front pair. Is there really any difference between the ones for sale on say northridge? That don't say Jeep on them.
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    37 inch tires 3 inch lift parts?

    Well so far I got the 3 inch Evo plus springs, Evo stainless steel break line extensions, Evo front upper and lower control arms, fox 2.0 shocks and bushwacker flat fenders. For the front bumpstops I plan on using synergy snap lock bump stops so I can play with the height. For the rear I plan...
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    In general 37 inch tires 07 to 11 automatic 4 door

    Been doing as much reading as I can and looking at charts. I'm sure its gonna ask. Building a pr44 with 5.13 gears. Would go up to 5.38 but from what I have read. It's not worth is cause pron to break. So what do you guys say?
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    Light silver vs bullet silver

    Hey there guys I have a 08 jk and found this for sale. Wondering is there really a difference in color ?
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    Bent axle worth for internal parts

    Found this ans I'm in desperate need of a front axle. Wondering of any of the internal parts would still be good.
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    Found this on craigslist dana 44 rear ?

    I found this post on craigslist and looks promising. From the pictures it looks like the real deal but you guys know better. Any help would be appreciated. I have a 08 jk 4 door not a Rubicon.
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    Hello From Chicagoland by Woodfield mall

    Been reading for a while and learning a lot and I have to say Wayalife YouTube videos has really got me into jeeps especially the JK experience when you guys produced the videos. . Have had 2 liberty's and finally got a 2008 JkuX and loving it with no doors or top. But now the building begins...
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    Putting a 2.5 lift together

    Well Hello everyone I got a 2008 jeep jku X and a set of 33 12.50. I plan of piecing together a 2.5 inch lift with different parts. My concern is future proof parts for future lift heights. Like shocks,Sway bar disconnects and control arms. are they future proof? I'm in no rush to lift would...
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