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  1. JKbrick

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Just now saw this!!
  2. JKbrick

    Tow rigs

    That’s what she said
  3. JKbrick

    HighwayTrout's build

    They seem to have a sweet spot, the Duramax is best at 65 but that’s too slow
  4. JKbrick

    Back in a jeep..building a mojave jt.

    First impressions of the gladiator with 37s? Think it needs 40s?
  5. JKbrick

    Ts&Ps to Wade family

    So sad for the family, sorry to Eddie and Cindy and Adam, and others whom were their actual friends for this loss
  6. JKbrick

    Show Off Your Fall Colors!!

    A little past peak colors but it was 70* Monday so I quit early and enjoyed the Brick for a little bit
  7. JKbrick

    Looking at UD44 axle

    I believe the UD has bigger than stock knuckles too
  8. JKbrick

    Hello from Oregon

    Hello from In.
  9. JKbrick

    Fresh from SEMA

    Looks fantastic! Hello from In.
  10. JKbrick

    Greetings from Central Texas

    Hello from In.
  11. JKbrick

    Hello from SoCal Mojave.

    Hello from In.
  12. JKbrick

    Wave from Texas

    Hello from In.
  13. JKbrick

    Hello again from SC, glad to be back!

    Hello from In.
  14. JKbrick

    Another new member from North Vegas

    Hello from In.
  15. JKbrick

    Hello From Michigan!

    Hello from In.
  16. JKbrick

    Issue with TPMS sensor

    I wonder if you unhook the battery and touch the pos and neg wires together if it would reset
  17. JKbrick

    GMC 2500 finally ordered

    Congrats man that’s a beaut
  18. JKbrick

    Show Off Your Fall Colors!!

    Looks like a great get away, happy anniversary
  19. JKbrick

    68' M715 AKA "Smokey", 8.1 engine on links, coils and 40's

    Amazing! Are you going to try to make the new fender area look old?
  20. JKbrick

    2021 SEMA Quake LED AMC Eagle Wagon

    My first experience of death wobble was in one of those
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