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    Got mine installed last week.

    I got to see a side-by-side compression of the stock steering box and this new box while at the King of the Hammers, and I was very impressed with it.

    The body is larger and was slightly hitting the radiator reservoir, I moved the reservoirs tie-wrap so it pulls from the opposite side to fix this.
    Steering feels them same. The only difference should be a much stronger steering box with a little more power. With my large tires and upgraded steering components, this should finish it up nicely.

    Here's how my 2013 JK Rubicon is set up so far.
    37"Mickey Thompson Baja MTZP3 tires, Dynatrac ProRock44 front axle housing, CORE 44 rear axle housing, RCV front and rear axle shafts, Synergy heavy-duty tie rod, Dynatrac Heavy-Duty Ball Joints, Rock Krawler X-Factor lift, Bilsten 5160 shocks, Reid Racing knuckles, 456 gearing, EVO ProTeK Skid plate System, EVO rock stars, Teraflex tire carrier, Genright front and rear aluminum bumpers, Genright full roll cage, Baja Designs LED lights, JW Speaker headlights, Warn winch and a few other small things.


    I still want to install some coil overs, just having a hard time deciding which ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Awesome! Be sure to posts up pics
    Will do!
    Radiator has cracked plastic on passenger side...steams like a tea pot. -so it is being replaced at the same time with a Griffin one... I figure having that out of there will make changing the steering box easier. This winter was rough on the jeep... replacing the leaking tranny lines too... and the synergy boots on everything steering, gonna catch the front brake pads while I'm at it.
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