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Most folks here put it on a whip and then mount that to an antenna mount. Zip ties can be your friend too. 10frank9 and TTFHELL often roll Stars and Stripes. Maybe they'll snap some pic of how they actually mount it up. [emoji106][emoji631][emoji631]


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I bolted my 4x6 flag to a pice of conduit then slid it over my CB antennae and put a piece of rope from the roof rack to middle of conduit. Works great! ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1452446467.638022.jpg
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If you are running a stock tire carrier simply drill four holes thru it under the third brake light and use two u-bolts to hold the flag in place ... One thing I did find was I had to add a zip tie higher up only to hold the pole clear of the windshield wiper ( a problem I didn't have with my soft top ) however that being said it is a bit of a pita because u have to remove your spare every time you want to put it on/off and I never fly a flag in bad weather just in poor taste imo
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