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We're back with another All-Terrain tire launch, this one from Cooper Tires!

Available in 4-ply rating (SL & XL), the Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT refreshes the popular Discoverer AT3 4S with incremental improvements where it mattered most. Featuring a next-generation tread pattern, the Discoverer Road+Trail AT utilizes a more rugged sidewall design over its predecessor which transitions nicely from the shoulder lugs. In addition the new aesthetics, drivers can expect superior wet performance and improved steering feel, with the same on-road comfort found with the previous version. If you find yourself mainly driving on-road with camping adventures sprinkled in throughout the year, the Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT is worth a look!


Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT
UTQG: 620 A/B
Mileage Warranty: 65,000

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  • EnduraGuard Design boasts durable internal construction to keep this tire’s shape over rough surfaces and ensure even treadwear.
  • A continuous tread pattern with traction shoulders extends 50% further down the sidewall than previously with a doubly thick angled design for even more grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Consistent control and grip on uneven terrain provided via thick, rugged interlocking tread blocks.
  • Connected center tread lugs deliver stability and traction on snowy surfaces for winter grip.
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Designation (3PMSF) for severe weather service.
  • 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

What do you think of the new Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT? If you've run the AT3 4S previously, will you consider the Discoverer Road+Trail AT for your next set?

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