In a good forum with a good moderator the moderator would warn those folks away

You're correct. Tim Berners Lee created the WEB while working at CERN in 1989 and he made the FIRST web browser (but it was named Nexxus not Mosaic). Marc Anderseen wrote Mosaic in 1993. I installed it on a server at Kodak. I've been doing this web and newsgroup thing for a long time. Seen lots of flame wars, try to avoid them. Learned a lot about communication styles and the issues we run into as humans when we only have TEXT and don't have the tone of voice and visual body language cues to help interpret what folks meant.

So I try to assume the best about what people were typing. Makes life a bit easier all around.

Some folks just like to post nastygrams. They add no value. In a good forum with a good moderator the moderator would warn those folks away.

And back to the subject at hand.

The original post about recovery gear is important.
Discussions on the relative safety of different types of gear are useful.
Ronny Dahl of 4 wheeling Australia (can't post a link but ya'll can google it) has some very good videos showing just how much damage a strap can do when it breaks.
I work in a refinery area. Using a winch to pull heavy things is a good way to kill yourself or others if you don't understand your gear and the limits thereof.
The first web browser was called 'www' and did not provide a GUI. The browser for Steve Job's NeXt workstation came a bit later.

I imagine that people here that know what they are doing are aware of the high forces which are produced during recovery and that anything with high tension and some elasticity can be dangerous. I thought that this had already been discussed at length in this topic area.


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