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got the alinement done and the shop said the rear axle is out about an inch is that enough to be worried about or should i get an adjustable track bar
it has the EVO coilovers and the prorock has 3 adjustment holes if i should what ones do u guys recommend the ones in stock here are SYNERGY, ROCKJOCK, JKS
they are all within 50$ of each other


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^^^what he said. An inch is not much, however it bothered me so I put on Synergy adj track bars.

MY BAD...I put on RANCHO bars, drag and tie rods were Synergy :oops:
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I have my rear axle offset about half an inch toward the driver side to help keep the drive shaft out of the gas tank skid when the rear suspension flexed out. Jeep drives fine and it does what it needs to do. Just have to ask yourself if it bothers you and if it causes issues with how the jeep drives or causes tire wear issues. As mentioned above, an adjustable rear track bar will fix this.


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Personally, I would suggest an American Made Core 4X4 adjustable bar... They can be purchased with Johnny Joints on both ends and are really beefy! I replaced two JKS adjustable bars with Core units after the lock nuts on both JKS bars I had on the Jeep after my lift became hopelessly frozen (i.e., I used heat, tons of penetrating oil, and an extended 4' breaker bar expanded to nearly 6 feet for leverage) making them no longer adjustable. That all said, I agree that you only need to go adjustable if the offset of the axle are causing you problems. My front axle was 1/2 an inch offset to the passenger side - hence my trying to adjust my track bars only to find the adjuster nut frozen. My Jeep was driving fine, but I was under the impression that I needed to fix this misalignment. Now with it corrected the Jeep drives exactly the same as before. Good Luck!

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