Question about vacuum pump on JKU

So, I'm mounting a winch upside down so that it hides inside my stock bumper. FWIW: It's a HF Badlands 12K winch on a modified Badlands universal winch mount plate. From reading posts on the forum here, I already knew that I would have to relocate the vacuum pump and bracket to allow the Winch to clear. My issue is the fact that I found my Vacuum pump to be corroded to the point that the Hose nipple has fallen off and the remaining hole in the pump is plugged up with corrosion.

I obviously need a new vac pump, as well as a relocation bracket, but my question is: Will the open vacuum system cause any issues with the braking system? My brakes do seem to be operating fine at the moment. The broken/corroded hose connection looks like it's been separated from the vacuum pump for quite a while.
Yup, that's the plan. Ordering the pump and an Evo relocation bracket today.

On a related side note, I finished modifying the winch mount to fit the frame horns and cut a couple pieces of angle iron for inner braces. Just have to drill the holes and then debur and paint the pieces while I wait for the new pump and relocation bracket to arrive.
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Same thing happened to mine. It was like that for at least a year. I replaced it a month or so ago and everything is fine.
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