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LOL - just saw this posted up on our local FB news…

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A few years ago one of our fire crews found a bomblet while doing a project in the desert up here... The Captain brought it back to the CalFire Office and was scrubbing on it with a wire brush on his desk. The division Chief spotted it knowing exactly what it was and asked "Where did you find that and WTF are you doing with it?" Captain says he found this old drill head in the desert and was going to use it as a paper weight.

Needless to say we had to evacuate & wait for the FBI Bomb Squad from Reno to come deal with it.


I would’ve either been shooting it with my BB gun or chucking rocks at it when I was a kid 🤣
Lets put in the gas bucket and shoot fireballs at it!

Edit: I responded before I saw that Joe Dirt clip posted. My exact thoughts. While working in the desert I found a small unexploded pipe bomb. Let it be and walked away.
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