Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....


Finally put my dynatrac crate to good use. Raised vegetable garden. 20220416_164117.jpg
I used part of the lid and some old laminate flooring to make my daughter a busy board too. Never throw away anything you think you can use. I learned it from my dad who hoarded all kinds of random things...haha.


Just chasing chewed thru wires today on the back of this 3.6L in a Chevy Colorado. Back is on fire from planking all afternoon
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We had a guy come in with a super duty that a dog chased down and ate the main wiring harness from the middle of the front door to to front of the back tire. By far one of the worst rats nests I've ever had to work on.


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I bought a 1976 F250 Highboy about a month ago. Planning a frame off restomod on it. Will go back together with SD axles, King coil overs, Coyote 5.0, 10 speed trans, and all a whole list of other things. View attachment 374822
This is COOL! I remember when these Hiboy trucks were brand new on the lot. 8" 16.5, steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps. Wanted one really bad.
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