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Over the years I have had several Jeeps TJ's XJ's JK's and a JL. (most I have modified)

I have acquired another XJ . 2000 all stock. Got it for a great deal and it is in great shape.
so the question is

do I lift and modify ? or leave it stock? I most likely will not be taking it off road ( i say that now )

what's the board consensus ? I'm having a hard time as this one is in such great original shape. a little rust but pretty clean.


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A 2000 XJ is really nice and if it were me, I would keep it stock. Maybe new tires if needed but otherwise, I think they're great as is.


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Drive it until you identify the niche the XJ fills, then modify as you uncover each limitation.

I’d start with a mild lift (because a stock 2000 XJ is probably sitting on sacked out factory springs), new shocks and good MTs or ATs sized appropriately to the axle gears.

I’d also hunt down and kill all the oil leaks and replace all the vacuum lines. As preemptive maintenance, I’d plan on replacing the in tank fuel pump. Pull up the carpeting and look for rust.

Bumpers are very easy to fab for an XJ. Keep the bumpers as light as practical.

Upgrade to a good radiator. Back in the day, that meant a quality 3 core radiator.

It’s better to upgrade to stronger axles than it is to try beefing up the Dana 30 & 35.
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I vote keep it stock until you can't stand it then wait 3 months and if you still want to modify, do a mild mod, just enough for what you need.
the xj's I've had I quickly over-modified and regretted it almost immediately.
Don't know how the kits are today, but back in the day there was no easy mod, it was a snowball
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