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Took a gut punch. 04 Rubicon stolen. Only 38k miles on it. 3 1/2” Teraflex suspension lift. 33” BFG mud terrains. 😢
Whereabouts in Arizona do you live? I saw your photos regarding a trip to the mountains. Thank goodness for a strong monsoon!
That is an interesting place. No shortage of places for Jeeping.
Nope and the best part it’s right out my door . If your ever up this way give me a shout we will be going out quite a bit with the cooler weather
I have a second home in Pine, up in the mountains. Plenty of trails in the area but your area might have a larger number of challenging ones.
On the service side, they are pretty fantastic in my experience. I have the M/T III wheels and one kept losing air over time. Had my tires looked at 20 different ways and turns out the wheel was a leaker. M/T replaced it quickly and without too many questions. I'm sure there may have been a liability angle being a wheel something have happened, but they were quick to make it right.
Hello everyone. This is my first online forum. I read about the horrible AAA experience with the driver and subsequent correspondence with management. I just had to share some of my eperiences with AAA and other similar services.
Hi Cindy, I just clicked on the link posted on the web site ( email) and all I get is a message saying "OOOPS , we ran into some problems. The background has the WayaLife logo. This has been happening since you guys updated the site. Is it a glitch? If so, is there a work around?
Hi Eddie-I had a long story about growing up in Nevada and I'm headed back out that way, then ran out of characters. :) Looking for recommendations for off grid camping during the summer, hopefully ghost towns/mining camps. Thanks!
I should have mentioned that something like your short northern Nevada video would be perfect.
Hey thanks for hitting me back. Pissah means great, cool, sweet, etc. Lol northeast/ boston slang. Example That 2 door JK on bead locks and 37s looks pissah! Lol
I'm just getting back to working on my 2012 JKUR. I was severely injured in a motorcycle/car accident, last year. Guess which one I was riding? And, NO, it was not the car. My recovery has been a little slow, what with learning how to walk with a prosthetic leg, and all. I have had to learn to do many things differently.
I'm not asking for help with anything.
Stay Safe and GET MUDDY!
I'm interested in making new bushings for you. I don't have the measurements I used last time I made some. If you could give me the dimensions or better would be to ship me a housing and one of the gears so I can make sure they fit. Sorry if this is a repeat message.
Hello, I've been doing research for a v8 swap. I saw in a thread that you were looking into it several years ago and wanted to keep a manual transmission. I'm in that same situation. Did you do the swap? Interested in what you sender up with if you did.

Thank you,
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