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  • nmwranglerx's Avatar
    03-11-2020, 02:01 AM
    My wife bought me tickets to see Billy Idol in Vegas a few months ago. The concert is this Saturday and her boss is giving her shit about us flying...
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  • wayoflife's Avatar
    03-23-2020, 11:58 PM
    As some of you may have noticed, Cindy and I have been a bit of MIA lately or at least, when it comes to videos and for that, we apologize. It's not...
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  • wayoflife's Avatar
    03-03-2020, 12:52 AM
    There are a ton of wheeling trips that Cindy and I do every year and for a myriad of reasons, we never get around to making them into a video. Some,...
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  • wayoflife's Avatar
    03-18-2020, 01:49 PM
    Hey everyone, I just got the following email from a "very disappointed" customer. And, these are the photos that he sent with his email.
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  • mondricek's Avatar
    03-25-2020, 11:43 PM
    With the success of the Milestar Patagonia 38s (whether you think they’re shit or not, you have to admit they’ve sold a lot of them) do you think any...
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  • wayoflife's Avatar
    03-25-2020, 10:57 PM
    I know this is the "Jeep" Show & Tell sub-forum but just as Tessa was so much of our Jeepin lives, so will it be with Ripley! Anyway, just being a...
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  • RockinAZJK's Avatar
    03-22-2020, 08:09 PM
    In all this craziness going on, one of the few people on the road decided to turn left in front of me today. Luckily Cierra and I and the other...
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  • wayoflife's Avatar
    03-21-2020, 01:36 AM
    Felt some big shaking here in Carson City. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
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  • bkac's Avatar
    03-12-2020, 03:05 AM
    Just received an email from Red Rocks saying the show has been cancelled for this year due to the virus. Something I look forward to every year. I...
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  • wayoflife's Avatar
    03-30-2020, 11:59 PM
    Whether it's caused by a nail, screw, renegade branch or other sharp and pointy object, a flat tire caused by a puncture is something that most of us...
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  • ROCK HARD 4X4's Avatar
    03-13-2020, 06:27 PM
    Our Statement on COVID-19. GET PUMPED.
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  • DMF's Avatar
    03-04-2020, 04:08 PM
    Do people still call it that? Anyways, I love the look of this camper. Almost want to trade mine in for a JT now Sent from my iPhone using...
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  • H8ROADS's Avatar
    03-10-2020, 10:08 AM
    Just wanted to put it out there for those who don’t subscribe to the denver thread, a few of us are planning on hitting Chinaman Gulch on 3/14 near...
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  • blackswanjk's Avatar
    03-05-2020, 10:42 PM
    blackswanjk started a thread 2010 2dr jk in Give us a Wave
    Im a junior in college studying mechanical engineering. Currently have an internship at the company that makes the roll bar for the JL and JT! ...
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  • Torrin's Avatar
    03-27-2020, 04:45 PM
    After struggling to get Vengeance clear on emissions testing in TN. (Long story, evap system issues since day one) and mostly letting it sit due to...
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  • Sharkey's Avatar
    03-26-2020, 06:53 PM
    Anyone run them? I had a heated Truck-Lite take a crap after five years of good service. I'm about to drop some coin on the Gravity Pro's to try...
    34 replies | 1027 view(s)
  • Wethy's Avatar
    03-15-2020, 03:54 AM
    Good evening folks Just finished swapping out worn out ball joints and took it for a test drive and i hit a couple bumps and got a serious case...
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  • 2020 EVO JLU Rubicon's Avatar
    03-11-2020, 01:14 AM
    I had the Evo kit installed and I'm experiencing a rougher then desired ride. Just driving over speed bumps I'd say it rides like my truck...a 2017...
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  • ROCK HARD 4X4's Avatar
    03-11-2020, 05:58 PM
    We're going to launch a series of cross-platform giveaways and if the enthusiasm is there - they'll be near weekly! To kick off this round, here...
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  • Rst8rox's Avatar
    03-04-2020, 03:27 PM
    We will be out at the Twisted Trails dog party event on the 14th in Copemish,Mi. Would love to have any WAYALIFE Michiganders show out. Hope to see...
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  • Brute's Avatar
    03-17-2020, 06:49 PM
    Brute started a thread Nfl 2020 in The 8th Slot
    Well, the NFL draft will not have any public attendees in Las Vegas later this April...I'm bummed because I look forward to hearing the boos for...
    34 replies | 737 view(s)
  • Speedy_RCW's Avatar
    03-30-2020, 05:54 AM
    Spending a little more time at home these days so decided it was time to start building this trailer. I’m still going to work so this won’t progress...
    22 replies | 639 view(s)
  • jesse3638's Avatar
    03-10-2020, 12:20 AM
    Having trouble sourcing these locally? You're in luck! I have 2 NIB 3M N95 facemasks I recently found in the bottom drawer of my tool box. Who knows...
    21 replies | 1205 view(s)
  • bhaner's Avatar
    03-10-2020, 07:45 PM
    bhaner started a thread What say you? in The 8th Slot
    Always fun to see how people answer...
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  • nmwranglerx's Avatar
    03-20-2020, 07:08 PM
    Thinking of purchasing this '52 military pintel trailer. I would like to use it for some extended camping trips, nothing too wild off road but I...
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  • Eliajk's Avatar
    03-20-2020, 09:55 PM
    Hi everybody i'm Elia from Italy. I drive a 2011 black Jku Rubicon 3.8. here we can't built jeep like yours. Stupid laws. Maximum 37" tyres and 3"...
    20 replies | 624 view(s)
  • clsdejohnson's Avatar
    03-03-2020, 03:40 AM
    Hello Jeepers! I'm Chris and I just bought my first Jeep last week! It's a 2012 Sport 2 done bright white. My son and I will split driving of the...
    18 replies | 659 view(s)
  • ZhuBajie's Avatar
    03-08-2020, 02:30 PM
    I have wanted a Rubicon for many year and finally got one. I grew up on motorcycle but have to hang up my handlebars because all the stupid stuff I...
    17 replies | 644 view(s)
  • RedPool's Avatar
    03-31-2020, 04:19 PM
    The wife's new Rubicon. 22 days from order to keys in hand. It was actually on the truck, from the plant, the day before they stopped production....
    20 replies | 332 view(s)
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