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05-25-2012, 08:33 PM
I live in southern California. I've seen at least one lister's JK (maroon, no doors, 37"(?) tires) on the way home from Rancho Bernardo on the I-5N. I commute from the South Bay to Rancho once a week. I will be taking receipt of a '12 JK Unlimited Rubicon (6sp MT) in the next few weeks that was special ordered. I sold my 3/4T Silverado crew cab 4x4 and am w/o a 4x4 pickup truck for the first time since 1986. I bought the JK now that the kids don't care to join my wife and I on our epic 2 week camping trips. We use 4WD to get to far away campsites located off logging/mining roads - many of which have turned into ATV trails.

I love your website and all the videos! It is almost tempting me to lift my Jeep! Prior to the Jeep, I've had a '03 Chevy 2500HD Silverado (6L gas/AT), a couple mid-80s vintage Ford F250s (std cab 460/C6/NP205(?); ext cab 460/NP435/NP205), a '79 Ford Bronco (NP435/NP205), an '89 HiLux (22RE/MT), and an '86 HiLux (22RE/MT) (I got >300,000 miles out of both Toyotas w/o burning any oil or leaks). My Silverado was the 1st truck I lifted and only b/c I had to. It sat so low, I almost wiped out the undercarriage on a very tame forest road in Nowhere, Montana.

I'm from the era where large tires on a daily driven Jeep were 33" which is probably about as big as I'll go when my 32s wear out.


05-26-2012, 04:31 AM
Welcome to Wayalife!

05-26-2012, 07:00 AM
Jeep wave to you John. I am in So Cal as well and unfortunately commute 300 miles a week from SD to Carlsbad for work. Hate putting all those miles on the Jeep but after 2 years of unemployment, that was the only job offer I got a year ago so I had to take it. I've got a lifted TJ and it's time for new tires. Got my heart set on some Falken Wild Peaks. Looking at getting 33's as I've got 31's on it now but my mother rides in my Jeep and she's shorter than I am. I may end up with 32's. LOL. Seeing alot of JKs on the roads now and the only TJs I see are "beach" Jeeps that belong to the college students that live in the beach area or lifted TJs from the Jeeping crowd that actualy take the Jeeps out. Gotta admit, those JKs are growing on me especially when they are lifted.

05-26-2012, 12:39 PM
Welcome and pennsylvania wave